What’s on Netflix in August 2022? Every addition coming to the streaming site including The Next 365 Days

Shows such as Selling the OC are set to come to Netflix this month - here’s when

A new month means a whole host of new shows are set to be added to popular streaming service Netflix.

Netflix currently has around 220 million subscribers as of 2022, with many bracing themselves for new additions to be added to the site this month.

After the success of Stranger Things, which saw Hawkins come under threat once more, viewers have no chance to rest with over 100 new additions coming to Netflix.

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    Some of the highlights include Selling the OC, Locke and Key season three and Never Have I Ever season three.

    Here’s a some of the much anticipated films and shows heading to Netflix in August

    Selling the OC

    Coming on 24 August is Selling the OC, which sees twin brothers Jason and Brett Oppenheim open a real estate office in Orange County, California.

    The brothers look to sell off luxury apartments in the area.

    The Next 365 Days

    Another highly anticipated addition in August in The Next 365 Days, which is the third entry in the erotic drama series which gained international recognition during the pandemic.

    The Haunted Journey

    For some weekend viewing, watch The Haunted Journey is set to be released on Netflix UK on Saturday 13 August and it’s a British animated children’s movie that was inspired by The Wizard of Oz.

    Pick out some of the big names including Selling the OC and do a para or two description for each!

    Every new Film and TV show coming to Netflix UK in August 2022

    1 August

    Big Tree City (Season one)

    Needle in a Timestack (2021)

    Separation (2021)

    3 August

    Benediction (2021)

    Don’t Blame Karma! (2022)

    Endless Night (Season One)

    Good Morning, Veronica (Season two)

    4 August

    Lady Tamara (Season One)

    Super Giant Robot Brothers! (Season One)

    The Broken Hearts Gallery (2020)

    5 August

    Carter (2022)

    Darlings (2022)


    6 August

    Crossing Rachmaninoff

    For Military Merit

    Her Private Hell (1968)

    Hunt for U-479

    Is God a Number?

    La Ultima Cena (2000)

    Life Behind The Stars

    Maniac Tales (2016)

    Maria Marten, or the Murder in the Red Barn (1936)


    Nina Conti: Clowning Around

    Ottomans Versus Venetians: Battle for Crete

    Peter Monoghan: A Portrait

    The Wedding Date (2005)

    7 August

    Terror in Mumbai (2009)

    8 August

    Codename: Emperor (2022)


    9 August

    I Just Killed My Dad (Season One)

    10 August

    Car Trouble (1986)

    Death of a Son

    Four (2011)

    Instant Dream Home (Season One)

    Locke & Key (Season Three)

    Office Invasion

    School Tales: The Series (Season One)

    11 August

    DOTA: Dragon’s Blood (Book Three)

    12 August

    13: The Musical (2022)

    A Model Family (Season One)

    Day Shift (2022)

    Never Have I Ever (Season Three)

    13 August

    The Byzantine Cat (2002)

    The Haunted Journey (2006)

    The Lost Capital of Atlantis

    The Story of..Documentary Collection

    14 August

    Memento (2000)

    15 August

    Deepa & Anoop (Season One)

    16 August

    Barbie in Mermaid Tale (2010)

    Barbie The Prince & The Popstar (2012)

    Death Race: Inferno (2013)

    Kindergarten Cop 2 (2016)

    Repo Men (2010)

    The Land Before Time: The Great Longneck Migration (2003)

    Tim Dillon: A Real Hero (2022)

    Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist (2022)

    17 August

    High Heat (Season One)

    Look Both Ways (2022)

    18 August

    He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (Season Three)

    Inside the Mind of a Cat (2022)

    Tekken: Bloodline (Season One)

    19 August


    Echoes (Limited Series)

    Kleo (Season One)

    The Assistant (2022)

    The Cuphead Show! (Season Two)

    The Girl in the Mirror (Season One)

    The Next 365 Days (2022)

    20 August

    Fullmetal Alchemist: The Revenge Of Scar (2022)

    Travelling in the 70s: The Road to Freedom

    When Cousins Marry (2010)

    22 August

    The Virtuoso (2021)

    23 August

    Chad at JT Go Deep (Season One)

    24 August

    Lost Ollie (Limited Series)

    Mo (Season One)

    Queer Eye: Brazil (Season One)

    Selling the OC (Season One)


    25 August

    A Kidnapping Scandal: The Florence Cassez Affair (Limited Series)

    Angry Birds: Summer Madness (Season Three)

    History 101 (Season Two)

    Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure (Season One)

    That’s Amor (2022)

    26 August

    Loving Adults (2022)

    Ludik (Season One)

    Marcella (Season Three)

    Me Time (2022)

    Partner Track (Season One)

    Seoul Vibe (2022)

    29 August

    Under Her Control (2022)

    Might Express (Season Seven)

    30 August

    I AM A KILLER (Season Three)

    31 August

    Club America v Club America (Limited Series)

    Deceit (Limited Series)

    Family Secrets (Season One)

    I Came By (2022)

    Under Her Control (2022)