Radio 1 star Adele Roberts reveals bowel cancer diagnosis in brave message

Adele Roberts confirmed she has bowel cancer in a brave message shared on social media (Photo: Getty Images)Adele Roberts confirmed she has bowel cancer in a brave message shared on social media (Photo: Getty Images)
Adele Roberts confirmed she has bowel cancer in a brave message shared on social media (Photo: Getty Images)

Radio 1 DJ Adele Roberts has announced she is battling with bowel cancer.

The 42-year-old breakfast show presenter said her diagnosis was confirmed at the start of October and she is due to have surgery to remove a tumour on Monday (25 October).

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Ms Roberts made the announcement in a brave message shared to fans on Instagram, where she posted a picture of herself smiling in a hospital gown, giving a thumbs up sign.

In the post she said that the “outlook is positive” so far, but doctors need to find out if the cancer has spread, adding that she would give “everything [she’s] got” to beat the disease.

She wrote: “For a while now I’ve been struggling with my digestion.

“Thanks to a conversation I had with my Dad a few years back I went to my GP for a check up. I’ll be honest, I was embarrassed but I also knew that it could be something serious.

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“So I went just in case. I didn’t think anything of it at first and just assumed it might be food sensitivity.

“After a few phone calls I was sent for some examinations and checks. I was then diagnosed with bowel cancer. This was at the start of the month.

“It’s all happened so quickly and I’m so sorry to post something like this on here but I hope it helps anyone who might be worrying, or suffering in silence.

“The sooner you’re able to see your GP or talk to someone the sooner you can get help.

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“If I hadn’t I might not be so lucky. As I’ve learned over the last few weeks, there’s no ‘normal’ with cancer.

“Sadly it can affect anyone, at any age, anytime. It doesn’t discriminate. Early detection can save your life.”

Who is Adele Roberts?

Ms Roberts is a broadcaster, reality TV star and DJ from Southport, Merseyside.

She first found fame after appearing in Channel 4’s Big Brother series in 2002, alongside Jade Goody, Alison Hammond and Kate Lawler.

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The 42-year-old finished seventh in the show after being evicted on 5 July 2002, after 43 days.

Ms Roberts later returned to the series in 2007 and took part in a task for Big Brother 8 alongside former housemate, Alex Sibley.

She landed her first radio job in 2002 at Rock FM in Lancashire, presenting the weekly ‘Smooth Grooves Show’, and went on to join Galaxy in Leeds - now Capital - in 2006.

She joined the BBC in 2012 as part of the Radio 1 Xtra team, before moving to Radio 1 in 2015 to host the Early Breakfast Show.

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Earlier this year, Ms Roberts took over the Weekend Breakfast programme as part of a shake up with current hosts of the breakfast show moving to afternoons.

The presenter and DJ also appeared on ITV’s I’m A Celebrity show in 2019 and was the first campmate to be voted off.

Who is Kate Holderness?

Ms Roberts is in a relationship with actress Kate Holderness, who is best known for starring in Emmerdale.

The couple both appeared on the sixth series of Celebrity Coach Trip on E4 in 2020, which Ms Roberts won.

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The 37-year-old actress spoke out in support of her partner on social media, saying she is “so grateful to the GP who sent her fon or further checks”.

Roberts (right) pictured with her partner Kate Holderness (left) (Photo: Getty Images)Roberts (right) pictured with her partner Kate Holderness (left) (Photo: Getty Images)
Roberts (right) pictured with her partner Kate Holderness (left) (Photo: Getty Images)

In a post on Instagram, Ms Holderness wrote: “Adele is really young for the ‘expected’ age of this type of cancer - the doctor who’s treating her says they’re seeing it younger and younger these days but nobody knows exactly why.

“All the things they say put you at higher risk - smoking, drinking, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle - she DOESN’T do.

“All the things they say help you prevent cancer - exercise, healthy diet, healthy lifestyle, lots of veggies - she DOES.

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“It was hard to get my head around without thinking how unfair that was but I now understand it can happen to anyone.

“Cancer’s never fair is it? I’m thinking of you if you’re going through this right now - from my 2am internet rampages I now realise just how many people are. Lots of love.”

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