Jeremy Clarkson suggests abolishing NHS to tackle cost of living crisis

Controversial TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson says cutting government spending is the way to handle the current economic crisis.

Jeremy Clarkson has said in his latest Sunday Times article that the NHS should be closed in order to ‘make sensible cuts in all government departments.’

The Grand Tour presenter writes: “Many people are now saying that we should rid the country of the monarchy because this ancient institution is no longer relevant. I respect that point of view, and I hope they respect mine when I suggest the department that has to go is the NHS.”

Clarkson, 62 adds: “So to solve the economy what we need to do is make sensible cuts in all government departments, cutting their staffing levels by, say, half. And then, rather than reducing them still further to the point where they don’t work at all, we get rid of one entire department altogether.”

The former Top Gear, who himself claims he is no good at economics, says that we all must face the fact that Britain is in trouble. And that other solutions, like taxing the top earning billionaires, would do little to nothing to help with the cost of living crisis.

Jeremy Clarkson suggests abolishing NHS to tackle cost of living crisis

Comparing the government to the making of TV programmes, Clarkson says that “You know you have to make cuts, so you make a nibble here and a nibble there, and you keep on doing this until eventually the story you were trying to tell is so garbled, it no longer makes sense. It’s far better, I’ve discovered, to lose an entire story arc rather than endlessly slice away at all of them.”

In the comments he is met with both critique and praise, with one user writing: “Jeremy says he’s useless at economics and says that’s his qualification for his idea. Astounding.

“I’m not a nuclear physicist but let me suggest nuclear power plants are dangerously radioactive” sort of argument.”

The controversial writer and tv presenter has recently announced that filming of season two of his latest TV show Clarkson’s Farm has been completed and is now in its editing stages.