How to get the most from your holiday - Introducing the Good Trip Index!

Get away, be safe and have a great holiday

Good Trip Index
Good Trip Index

Get away, be safe and have a great holiday

1 - Ethical travel index launched by Holiday Extras

2 - Sweden, Denmark, and Switzerland ranked the most responsible destinations to visit

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    3 - Morocco and Egypt among popular holiday destinations that score the least

    4 - Canada scores highest for LGBTQI+ rights, whilst Netherlands ranks highest for women’s rights

    Travel sustainably.

    Leave only footprints.

    Support local businesses in the country you visit, making sure those local businesses are kind to their animals and pay a living wage to their employees.

    Try not to support despotic regimes, and double check the country’s record on press freedoms, the rights of women and its LGBTQI+ citizens, and how well it looks after its rainforests…

    It’s a lot to remember, yet according to new research, it’s a significant consideration for TWO THIRDS (67 per cent) of holidaymakers when deciding on the destination to visit.

    The research - completed by leading travel extras company Holiday Extras - found that one in ten (12 per cent) consider responsible travel the most significant factor when booking their holiday, with the human rights record of the end destination (48 per cent) and the impact of their trip on climate change (15 per cent) being the most significant elements.

    In response to the study, the travel brand has launched the Good Trip Index, designed to help make travelling well hassle-free: website.

    Good Trip Index

    The analysis covers seven of the definitive country-level indices that reflect the main ethical issues when deciding on where to holiday: sustainability, human rights (women’s and LGBTIQ+), press freedom, animal welfare, and the wellbeing and quality of life in the end destination.

    The index ranks countries based on their scores in each category, providing an easy to digest list that holidaymakers can refer to when picking their getaway location – allowing them to have a really good trip from the moment they land on the tarmac.

    The Top Twenty:


    Family holiday in Sweden (photo: Adobe)


    Denmark is the second top rated holiday destination in the Good Trip Index (photo: Adobe)

    3 Switzerland

    4 Finland

    5 Norway

    6 Austria

    7 Estonia

    8 Netherlands

    9 New Zealand

    10 Germany

    11 Iceland

    12 Portugal

    13 Ireland

    14 Canada

    15 United Kingdom

    16 Luxembourg

    17 Belgium

    18 Spain

    19 France

    20 Australia

    Bottom Ten:

    170 Pakistan

    171 Kuwait

    172 Iraq

    173 Saudi Arabia

    174 Nigeria

    175 Syria

    176 Somalia

    177 Yemen

    178 Iran

    179 Egypt

    Egypt is in the bottom ten of places to visit according to the Good Trip Index (photo: Adobe)

    Associate director, Brand at Holiday Extras, Ant Clarke Cowell,  said: “Even though it’s worth the effort to research destinations to ensure we make responsible travel choices, it can be hard when there are so many factors to consider. A holiday shouldn’t be a chore though, so that’s why we have created this index – the first of its kind – to help holidaymakers make informed decisions about ethical destinations and trips.”Associate Director, Brand at Holiday Extras

    Head of Communications at the Travel Foundation, Ben Lynam, added: “The Good Trip Index from Holiday Extras is a great starting point for holidaymakers to consider some of the issues they might encounter abroad. Having a good trip means choosing your destination carefully, and you should expect local variations, such as between cities and rural areas. But this isn’t about avoiding the places that scored poorly. If you are mindful of the issues, you can still have a positive impact, for instance by avoiding certain attractions, or by supporting sustainable businesses.”