Flog It star Paul Martin to make antiques road trip to Bamburgh Castle

Face to face Q&A with Flog It TV star

Flog Its Paul Martin will visit Bamburgh Castle (photo: Red Forge Studios)
Flog Its Paul Martin will visit Bamburgh Castle (photo: Red Forge Studios)

Face to face Q&A with Flog It TV star

Star of FLOG IT! for over 20 years as well as the longstanding BBC series Antiques Road Trip and Celebrity Antiques Road Trip. Now Paul Martin is making a road trip of his own to Bamburgh Castle for an exclusive audience event in the fortress.

Taking place on Saturday July 23 from 5pm, the evening event will begin with the popular television personality and celebrity antiques mingling with members of the audience while examining items they are invited to bring along.

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    TV frontman Paul will then give an entertaining talk inside the castle in which he will share filming anecdotes and reveal his own insider trade secrets including top tips about buying and the next big thing in up and coming trends.

    The finale of the evening will see Paul present the star ‘finds’ of the evening and valuations from items brought by members of the audience.

    Flog Its Paul Martin will visit Bamburgh Castle (photo: Red Forge Studios)

    No stranger to Bamburgh Castle, Paul filmed at the Northumberland fortress with castle owner Francis Watson-Armstrong as one of his top ‘Kings of the Castle’ picks for BBC Two’s FLOG IT!

    Said Paul: “I am really excited about coming back to Bamburgh Castle. There’s something completely unique about it. The light is incredible and it is almost completely surrounded by water. You get this spectacular panoramic view – the water is like a shimmering gem.

    “I am always drawn by the sea. I love the air, the smell, the atmosphere – even the seaweed! I grew up in Falmouth and miss that infinity of looking out across the sea – I just love it.

    “I’ve been to many castles but you could only mention two or three like Bamburgh that are on a rocky outcrop. It’s got so much history – 3000 years in fact. You stand up there with the wind in your face and it is just a very special place to be.

    “What is really good about Bamburgh is that you can get so hands on with history. I think it is really important for people to be tactile with the past and to be able to touch, feel and smell to get that link to the past. Bamburgh does this in a way you that you just don’t get in other places.

    Bamburgh Castle events manager Karen Larkin said: “We are excited to be welcoming Paul to Bamburgh and who knows, he may discover his next big find from items people have brought in that have been gathering dust in the attics or garage for years."

    As part of the audience event, Paul will be sharing his passion for the master crafts people behind antiques and his involvement in the Heritage Craft Association, formed to futureproof heritage skills for future generations.

    “Bamburgh Castle has a treasure trove of antiques and craftsmanship made by people at the top of their genre, honing their skills through a lifetime of dedication for their work.”

    · Tickets for an evening with Paul Martin at Bamburgh Castle are on sale now priced at £40 from bamburghcastle.com