Transport for London issues update for Oyster and contactless card users on London Underground

Transport for London has issued an important update for Oyster and contactless card users on the London Underground to tighten up their security measures

Transport for London (TfL) is set to introduce a new security measure for their Oyster and contactless card users on the London Underground. Commuters will be asked to complete Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on their TfL accounts in order to keep their personal information safe online.

Those with TfL accounts are still able to access their information at present by using their email address and password, with the new safety measure set to be introduced in ‘early 2023’. When the new safety measure goes live, account holders will be asked to supply their mobile phone number in order to carry out the MFA.

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

MFA is where account holders will have to carry out an authentication process to access their online profiles. This method will be used as an additional layer of security to check identities during the login process.

What does this mean for TfL account holders?

Commuters with a TfL account will be encouraged to set up MFA when the new security measure goes live soon. The process will be applicable to Oyster and contactless card users, and those who use the TfL smartphone app.

Once a user has completed the MFA set up, they will be asked to confirm their identity. This process will take place every time they log in to access their account.

How to set up Multi-Factor AuthenticationWhen the new security measure launches, account holders will be asked to set up MFA by providing their mobile phone number. Once this has been provided, a six-digit code will be sent via text and users will need to enter the code to gain access to their account.

What if I have forgotten my TfL login details?

If you have forgotten your login details for the TfL app, click ‘forgotten password’ and follow the instructions. For more information on TfL’s new MFA safety measure, visit their website.