Senior Met Police Commander - who wrote force’s drugs strategy - accused of taking LSD and other drugs

Commander Julian Bennett, who wrote the Met’s current anti-drugs strategy, is accused of taking LSD, magic mushrooms and cannabis while on holiday in France.

A top Met Police police officer, who wrote the force’s current drugs strategy, faces the sack after accusations of taking LSD, magic mushrooms and cannabis.

Commander Julian Bennett, who is in his sixties, is accused of taking controlled drugs between February 2019 and July 2020 while on holiday in France.

He also stands accused of refusing to take a drugs test and lying about why he had not taken one.

A full disciplinary hearing was scheduled to begin yesterday, but it was put back after lawyers representing the officer asked for more time to consider evidence.

Tribunal chairman James Turnbridge adjourned the hearing until May 23.

If found guilty of gross misconduct Commander Bennett will be barred from serving in the force again, and could have his pension cut.

Out of these hearings involving Bennett, 56 officers were dismissed - more than 75%.

A further FOI request in 2020 found two officers were dismissed for drugs misuse.