Rolling Stones in London: School days to Hackney Diamonds in pictures

The Rolling Stones have close connections to London, from the swinging sixties of Carnaby Street to huge Hyde Park shows and, now, Hackney Diamonds.

The Rolling Stones today announce their new album, Hackney Diamonds, with a live streamed interview from east London - but it is just the latest chapter in the band’s London history.

Jimmy Fallon will speak to Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood about the first album of new material released since the death of drummer Charlie Watts. The event will be broadcast live on YouTube.

Watts will appear on the album, and there are rumours of other guest stars including Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder and Lady Gaga.

The new record was teased in the Hackney Gazette. A phone number was provided, 0202 3932 6088, on which a mystery man with a cockney accent referred people to, which allowed people to register their email address for further updates. Teasingly, the print advert says: “Opening our new store on Mare Street, September 2023.”

But the band have had a close relationship with London throughout their career, from the swinging ‘60s to famous Hyde Park shows, and from court appearances to the Carnaby Street shop which stocks goods emblazoned with the ubiquitous lips logo.

To watch the live stream of the Jimmy Fallon interview for the release of Hackney Diamonds, go to The Rolling Stones’ YouTube channel.