Should Boris Johnson resign? How LondonWorld readers responded to the question

Some readers didn’t hold back when asked the question...

News of Prime Minister Boris Johnson attending a party in the garden of 10 Downing Street, at a time when it was not permitted to do so due to Covid-19 restrictions, has led to calls for the Prime Minister to resign.

LondonWorld readers have given their views on what they think the Prime Minister should do and whether he should step down from his post following reports of the garden party which took place in May 2020.

The garden party took place on the same day that people across the UK were told they could only meet one person in an outdoor setting.

There has been much anger and frustration since the news broke from people sharing what they were doing on 20 May 202, the day the garden party took place.

Ahead of arguably the most challenging PMQ’s of Boris Johnson’s leadership, we posed the question “Do you think Boris Johnson should resign?” and plenty of you got in touch to respond with your views.

Derek said:  “This man is a clown but the whole party is a circus so may as well get a few elephants in charge to run the country.

Another suggested that he shouldn’t need to be removed from office by his own resignation.

Russell said: “He shouldn’t have to resign. He should be arrested and locked up for democide, treason and corruption.”

Jay believes that it is only possible to ask for the Prime Minister’s resignation if you stuck to the rules perfectly yourself.

“You can only ask for Boris’s resignation if you adhered PERFECTLY to all the rules yourself. I doubt if any of you did ....I know I didn’t.”

Ross believes that change will not make any difference, saying: “What difference will it make?

“The party will not change the policies and will have the same wealth centred narrow viewpoint.”

Nine readers responded with simply “no” whilst four replied with a straight “yes”.