London local election results 2022 live: Latest news on who won council elections - Labour wins Westminster

The LondonWorld team will bring you the latest news, updates and results from the elections in all 32 boroughs as they come in.

Lutfur Rahman has won a shock re-election as Tower Hamlets mayor – seven years after he was removed from office for electoral fraud.

Last night, Labour took Westminster, Wandsworth and Barnet on a historic night for the party.

Voters in 32 London boroughs have decided on their local councillors, and who will run their council for the next four years.

A total of 1,817 seats are up for election across the city, with Labour holding 21 boroughs, the Conservatives seven, Lib Dems three and one council is under no overall control.

Waltham Forest was the first council to be declared, with the north-east London borough being controlled by Labour.

The party then went onto take the flagship council of Wandsworth, as well as Barnet and Westminster for the first time in the party’s history.

Conservatives gained Harrow from Labour, which went against the trend across the rest of the city.

We will update our live elections map below as council results come in.


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London local election results 2022 live

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London local election headlines

After another dramatic day, these are the top headlines from the local elections across London:

London election map.

Overall result: Lambeth - Labour hold

Labour hold

Overall result Haringey - Labour hold

Labour hold

Overall result Hackney (Council) - Labour hold

Labour hold

The Greens are celebrating gaining two seats from Labour in hotly contested wards.

As predicted, Labour held control of Hackney with 50 seats, but a delighted Green Party is celebrating the elections of Zoë Garbett in Dalston and Alastair Binnie-Lubbock in Hackney Downs.

The pair vowed to push the council to act faster on the climate emergency.

Labour has always controlled Hackney since it became a borough council in 1965.

However, the Greens were determined to build on their 2018 showing, when they narrowly failed to gain a seat in Dalston by 21 votes and lost out in Hackney Downs by 90 votes.

Garbett, who also finished second in this this year’s mayoral race, said she was determined to hold the council to account on the climate emergency.

The elated new councillor said: “I’m really excited by some of the ideas I’ve heard from residents and organisations during this campaign.

“I want to hold the Labour administration to account to take more urgent action over the climate emergency, providing social affordable housing that people need, and fundamentally changing the relationship between residents and the council so they are really heard.”

Her fellow Green councillor Binnie-Lubbock, who contested the mayoral election in 2018, said: “I’m exhilarated but I’m very excited to carry on the work representing residents and bringing the voices of people from Hackney Downs to the council.”

Overall result Lewisham - Labour hold

Labour hold

Labour candidates have won every seat in Lewisham for a second time, Robert Firth reports.

Labour fought off a Green threat in Brockley to retain all 54 seats across the South London borough – as in 2018.

Labour’s Damien Egan was re-elected mayor with an increased share of the vote.

Mr Egan swept to victory with 58% of the vote – four per cent higher than in the last election in 2018.

Green candidate Nick Humberstone beat Conservative candidate Caroline Attfield into third place.

Mr Humberstone won 16% of the vote, compared to Ms Attfield’s 12%.

At the last mayoral election in 2018 the Conservatives finished second.

Mr Egan thanked Lewisham residents for electing him a second time.

In a statement posted on Twitter, he said: “Thank you for everyone’s support and re-electing me as your mayor. It’s been a big team effort, thank you to everyone who’s given up their time to help. Looking forward to working for everyone in Lewisham! “

In Brockley, where the Greens had hoped to repeat their success in 2014, Labour took all three seats again.

Green candidate Deborah Le Cand-Hardwood, finished in fourth place with 1,153 votes – almost 800 votes less than the nearest Labour candidate.

Following the election success, high on Mr Egan’s priority list will be tackling Lewisham’s growing housing crisis.

The borough has over 10,000 people waiting for a council home.

The local authority built 626 social homes between 2018 and 2022. The properties include both council rent homes and those at London Affordable Rent, which can be more expensive than council rent.

The results mean the Greens have now been without a councillor in Lewisham since 2018 when John Coughlin lost his seat.

The Lib Dems and Conservatives have failed to elect a councillor in the borough for over a decade.

Overall result Greenwich - Labour hold

Labour hold

Labour have retained Greenwich Council at the 2022 local elections and almost wiped out the opposition in the process.

The Conservatives’ dismal results saw their leader, Nigel Fletcher, lose his seat as they fell from nine councillors at the last election to only three. Labour increased their majority to 49, also helped by boundary changes.

Fifty-five council seats were being contested among 23 wards, with eight parties and one independent candidate all going for votes.

Victorious Labour claimed 52 seats and the Conservative Party won three. Despite a lot of hope and expectation, the Liberal Democrats and Greens did not win a single seat.

The results represents an overwhelming win for Greenwich Labour, who have been in charge of this borough since 1971. It is also a big step forward from their 2018 result, where the party lost a seat to the Conservatives.

Lutfur Rahman elected Tower Hamlets mayor

Lutfur Rahman has been re-elected Tower Hamlets mayor, seven years after being removed from the role over electoral corruption.

Rahman was found guilty of corrupt electoral practices in 2015, and banned from standing in elections for five years.

However in his first election back he has comfortably beaten the Labour incumbent John Biggs.

Lutfur Rahman the disgraced former mayor of Tower Hamlets. Credit: JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP via Getty Images

Rahman, from the Aspire Party, was awarded 39,533 votes in the first round, compared to Biggs’ 27,894 ,and narrowly missed out on winning the first round outright.

In the second round, he won 40,805 with Biggs winning 33,487.

This is a seismic story in the capital, with Rahman only declaring he would run weeks before the election.

Tower Hamlets: Lutfur Rahman beats John Biggs in first round of voting

Disgraced former mayor Lutfur Rahman - who was found guilty of corrupt electoral practices in 2015 - is ahead by more than 10,000 votes, after the first round of voting in for the Tower Hamlets mayoralty.

Rahman - who was banned from standing in elections for five years - was awarded 39,533 votes, and narrowly missed out on winning the first round outright.

Labour’s John Biggs won 27,894 votes, local democracy reporter Alastair Lockhart reports.

Lutfur Rahman the disgraced former mayor of Tower Hamlets. Credit: JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP via Getty Images

The remaining candidates have been eliminated and Biggs and Rahman will now face off in the second round.

Alastair says: “Very hard to see Biggs pulling back a deficit of more than 10,000 votes in the next round.

“Lutfur Rahman’s political comeback seems almost certain now.”

Rahman was found guilty of corrupt electoral practices when elected as Tower Hamlets mayor in a civil finding in 2015.

He was banned from standing in elections until 2022, although he never faced criminal prosecution.

Report: Kingston - comfortable Lib Dem hold

Sir Ed Davey celebrates the Lib Dems election victory in Wimbledon. Credit: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

The Liberal Democrats have easily retained control of Kingston upon Thames Council in a victory which has seen them keep or win all 27 seats declared so far – with 21 to go.

Kingston has been a Lib Dem stronghold since the party seized control from the Tories in 201, Charlotte Lillywhite

The borough is home to MP and party leader Ed Davey.

Despite the borough’s sky-high council tax emerging as a key issue threatening the party this year, the Lib Dems have secured a comfortable victory.

The former Tory mayor Councillor Roy Arora even failed to defend his seat in Coombe Vale – now represented by three Lib Dems.

Before today, Kingston had 37 Lib Dem councillors, eight Tories and two independents.

Council tax led the way as the key concern for Londoners ahead of the election, according to survey data published by Centre for London.

But Lib Dem candidates said the cost of living crisis was frequently raised by locals on the doorstep, who “feel let down and taken for granted” by Boris Johnson’s party.

Report: Islington - Greens make gains

Green Cllr Caroline Russell. Credit: LDRS

Not so much a Green wall but certainly a Green step in Islington as the party took control of three seats on the council – dethroning a senior Labour councillor in the process.

Caroline Russell is joined by Benali Hamdache and Ernestas Jegorvas-Armstrong in Highbury ward in an upset for the Labour party, Julia Gregory reports.

It means Sue Lukes, the Labour executive member for community safety, and her daughter Minda Burgos-Lukes were foiled in their candidature for the same ward, which came about because of boundary changes.

Overall, Labour has 48 councillors, including in the new Laycock ward, with three Green opponents.

Cllr Russell, pictured, pledged to “work hard to represent Highbury residents in the council chamber and be a constructive opposition”.

The controversial low traffic neighbourhoods became a love-them-or-hate-them issue. Some voters say they cut traffic and air pollution and encourage cycling. Others say they divert traffic and make journeys longer.

The Conservatives promised to scrap LTNs but went unrewarded at the ballot box, failing to win any seats.

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