London local election candidates 2022: who is standing in my local council election, and when is the vote?

Candidates in London will battle over 1,817 council seats today

The full list of London councillors up for the 2022 local elections is now available, with over 6,000 candidates vying for 1,817 seats.

At a time when the Conservative party is appearing to look weak, Labour will look to take a stronghold on Tory-held seats in boroughs such as Wandsworth and Barnet.

Labour are to contest every single seat up for grabs, meanwhile the Conservatives will contest 97 percent, Liberal Democrats 72 percent and the Green Party will contest under half of the seats available.

The elections in May will also see Hackney, Lewisham, Newham, Tower Hamlets and Croydon pick directly elected mayors.

When is the vote?

The vote for the 2022 local elections in London is today 5 May.

Polling stations are to open for 15 hours from 7am - 10pm, with hundreds of polling stations available in London.

To be eligible to vote in the upcoming election, you had to register either online or by post, and the deadline for this was Thursday, 14 April in England.

How did the 2018 elections go?

Local elections are held every four years, meaning that the last vote in London was in 2018.

2018 was very good for Labour, who secured their second highest ever vote share, and had their best performance since 1971.

The Conservatives won in Barnet, Bexley, Bromley, Hillingdon, Kensington and Chelsea, Wandsworth and Westminster.

The Liberal Democrats managed to secure Kingston upon Thames, Richmond upon Thames, and Sutton.

In the borough of Havering, there is no overall control, with a conservative/independent coalition coming as the 2018 result.

They secured a whopping 44 percent of the London wide vote, and seized control of 21 out of the 32 boroughs.

With widespread controversy still surrounding the ‘partygate’ scandal and the cost of living crisis still topical, Labour could be hopeful of performing even better this time around.

Where could there be a tight contest?

The spotlight will seemingly be on Barking and Dagenham. Labour have controlled the borough since its formation in 1965, and in 2018 won every single seat.

You would think that Labour would breeze the next local elections and secure the borough once again, like it has for the last 57 years.

However, there has been widespread anger across the borough over a controversial parking measure put in place by the council.

Controlled Parking Zones were brought in across the borough, with the aim to reduce traffic congestion, air pollution whilst also improving road safety. The anger lies in the fact that where a CPZ is in place, parking is restricted, even to residents who hold a permit.

It could be an in-road for the Conservatives to gain some seats in May’s election.

With the cost of living crisis possibly being a factor in many people voting, the borough had one of the smaller increases in London, at 1.99 percent, which equates to around 79p for those living in band d.

Who is standing in my local council?

The links provided below will allow you to see all candidates standing in your local council.

Some of the links provided will lead directly to a PDF, whilst others may have to click on the relevant ward to them.