Jeremy Corbyn will never stand for Labour again - according to senior figures

A senior Labour figure said “Jeremy Corbyn is never getting back in” after being suspended in 2020

Senior figures at the Labour Party have said that Jeremy Corbyn will never be permitted to stand as a Labour MP at an election again. In 2021, the 73-year-old was told he had to apologise for his claims that the extent of antisemitism in the party had been “dramatically overstated”.

It’s believed that even if Mr. Corbyn did apologise, the current Labour leader, Keir Starmer, would be reluctant to let the Islington North MP return. Allies of Corbyn claim that he will run for his seat regardless of whether he gets the whip restored.

According to The Guardian, one senior official said: “Jeremy Corbyn is never getting back in. He would be toxic to our chances of winning back some of the seats we need to win back.” This therefore means that if Corbyn wants to remain as an MP, he will have to stand as an independent in the Westminster constituency of Islington North.

Corbyn won the seat in 2019 with over 63% of the vote, a huge majority of over 26,000. Sources close to Corbyn’s camp believe he has a strong support base. It’s a constituency that Corbyn has held since 1983.

Labour chiefs are supposedly looking for another, strong candidate. According to The Guardian one source said “the local party is likely to be difficult and the campaign will be very tough if Jeremy stands as an independent.”