Every Conservative MP in London risks losing seat, new polling reveals

It found Labour on 59% in the city, the Tories on 22% and the Liberal Democrats on 13%.

A shock new poll reveals every Conservative MP in London could risk losing their seat at the next general election.

According to the Evening Standard, the Survation poll for campaign group 38 Degrees found the Tory party in the capital is now 37 points behind Labour.

It found Labour on 59% in the city, the Tories on 22% and the Liberal Democrats on 13%.

However, the poll, based on surveying 6,000 UK adults before calculating constituency level results, does not take into account tactical voting or the popularity of local MPs.

Boris Johnson resigned on 7 July 2022, after pressure from his government. (Credit: Getty Images)

It predicts senior figures - including former prime minister Boris Johnson and Lib Dem leader Ed Davey - would lose their seats, according to the Standard.

While treasury minister Chris Philp risks losing Croydon South and ex-minister Greg Hands would lose in Chelsea and Fulham, it forecast.

The poll also found 46% of people in London are worried about not being able to pay their rent or mortgage; while 60% fear not being able to pay their energy bills.

Almost two thirds (61%) may have to cut back on essentials, and 31% may have to use a foodbank.

And shockingly almost a third (32%) are concerned about being made homeless.

A 38 Degrees spokesperson said: “Under Liz Truss’ leadership, the cost of living crisis is rapidly turning into a cost of living catastrophe.

“According to a new Survation poll commissioned by 38 Degrees, it means the party faces a complete electoral wipeout in London.

“This is not a political game. People’s lives have been thrown into turmoil by the economic sabotage of this government. People are already suffering and millions more are frightened of what comes next.”