Conservative MP arrested on suspicion of rape and possession of drugs - what have police said?

Police have said the man - who is reportedly a prominent sitting Conservative MP - was arrested on Wednesday morning before being released on bail.

Parliament. Credit: GettyParliament. Credit: Getty
Parliament. Credit: Getty

A Conservative MP has been arrested on suspicion of rape and possession of drugs, multiple reports state.

Police have said that a man was arrested on Wednesday morning (26 October), before being released on conditional bail "pending further inquiries". The Sun, which broke the story, claims the man is a "prominent" sitting MP.

A police force, in the south of England, said: "We can confirm a man was arrested yesterday morning (25 October) ... on suspicion of rape and possession of controlled substances. He has been released on conditional police bail pending further enquiries.”

Who is the Conservative MP arrested?

We cannot name the Tory MP who has been arrested and bailed for legal reasons. Likewise we are choosing not to name the police force which arrested him. In the UK, police only name a person once they have been charged.

It understood not to be linked another sitting Tory MP - who also cannot be named for legal reasons - who was arrested in May 2022 on historic allegations of rape and sexual assault. That member was told at the time to stay away from Parliament by Conservative whips.

The case is the latest in a string of scandals with sexual assault allegations which have cast a shadow over Westminster. In December 2022, another Conservative MP was reported to the police by their colleagues in Parliament. The allegations of “serious sexual assault” reportedly span over two years.

While another senior Tory MP was accused of using date rape drugs on four men in and around Westminster. According to a story published in the Sunday Mirror, the anonymous Conservative politician allegedly spiked the drinks of two other MPs.

Former Conservative Peter Bone was banned from Parliament for six weeks yesterday (25 October) after the Independent Expert Panel upheld bullying allegations and one sexual harassment claim. Bone has denied this.