Petrol station shortages: London carers, workers and delivery drivers hit by fuel crisis

One carer told LondonWorld that the petrol station crisis was “terribly worrying”.

The shortage of petrol at garages and filling stations in the capital is hitting carers, workers and delivery drivers, with Londoners unable to work due to the crisis.

Retailers have reported that up to 90% of outlets across London are running dry, as people hoard and panic buy petrol.

“It’s terribly worrying for people who are carers,” a Wimbledon resident who gave the name Rosemary, told LondonWorld.

“I went to Tesco in New Malden, on my way home and all of the petrol stations were closed.


“This was on a Friday afternoon at 3.30pm and I was actually running low.

“I’m a carer and it’s terribly worrying as I need my car.

The Esso in Colliers Wood after it had run out of fuel. Credit: Lynn Rusk

“On Saturday morning, before I took my dog out, I had to get up early and managed to get petrol at 6.15am.

“It’s terribly worrying for people who are carers.

“If this continues it will make life very difficult.”


Many garages have brought in a £30 limit for fuel purchases and London Mayor Sadiq Khan has urged the Government to bring in the army to secure supplies so that carers, NHS staff and other key workers can drive again.

Delivery driver Rodrigo Salvador is concerned that petrol shortages will impact his livelihood.

“It’s been very difficult to find petrol stations available,” he told LondonWorld.

“I’m a delivery driver so it’s essential for me to be able to fill my tank for my work, otherwise I can’t work.”

“You just can’t get petrol anywhere,” said Tom, a father from Balham.


“There’s not a single petrol station that’s got any.

“I currently have 50 miles left in my car.

“I need to be able to take my kids to school and if I can’t get any petrol then my kids won’t be able to go to school as I can’t walk very far.”

A Sainsbury’s in South London which has run out of petrol. Credit: Lynn Rusk

A South Londoner, who wished to remain anonymous, said that he had been trying to get petrol all morning.


“So far I haven’t been able to find anything available,” he said.

“We’ve been queued up all the way from Tooting to Colliers Wood and when we finally reached the station, there was a small sign that said “Only Diesel Available”.

“After about forty minutes we came here to Sainsbury’s and there’s none here either.

“I’m going to try New Malden next and if I can’t get any petrol there I’ll have to drive to Tolworth.

The Shell garage in Colliers Wood had also run out of petrol. Credit: Lynn Rusk

“At the moment I only have enough fuel to do this much mileage.


“I work at an office so it’s okay for me to use public transport at the moment.

“It’s just inconvenient not being able to use my car.”

More than half of forecourts have temporarily closed their doors across the country, with BP announcing that at least 100 stations had no access to one grade of fuel.

Government ministers will debate plans to issue 10,500 temporary visas to foreign lorry drivers and food industry workers during a cabinet meeting on Monday.


The protocol will help fuel providers, suppliers, hauliers and retailers find a way to prioritise the more in-need areas across the country.