One is not amused: DJ gets into row with police after setting up decks outside Buckingham Palace

Zach Sabri, who goes by the stage name SUAT, got a ticking off from police officers outside Buckingham Palace.

A DJ got into a row with police officers after setting up his decks and blasting tunes - outside Buckingham Palace.

Zach Sabri, who goes by the stage name SUAT, transforms into a walking nightclub when he travels around.

But while out entertaining tourists visiting Buckingham Palace on December 23, the music man got a ticking off from police officers.

Zach, 25, said there were “five or six” police officers insisting he stop his live set, which he captured on film.

But he claims that, when he asked why, the police had no answers.

Video grab of Zachary Sabri, who goes by the DJ name ‘SUAT’, being confronted by police outside Buckingham Palace. Credit: Zachary Sabri / SWNS

Zach had just finished a three-hour livestreamed sightseeing tour of London and had made Buckingham Palace his final destination.

But unfortunately he never got to recite the facts he memorised - because officers told him he was “breaching park regulations”.

He replied “what’s the park regulation?” - to which the police officer admitted: “I don’t know off the top of my head.”

Then a second police officer claimed the reason he needs to leave is because he was in “a restricted area”.

But Zach quickly replied: “What am I not allowed to do in this restricted area? It doesn’t seem like either of you know what the law is.

“Either it’s amplified equipment, or it’s filming on a phone - in which case all of these people need to go as well. So what is the law?”

A DJ set up his decks and blasted tunes outside Buckingham Palace - but outsmarts police officers who try to convince him he is breaking the law. Credit: Zachary Sabri / SWNS

Zach said: “The argument last about 15 minutes and at one point there were five or six police officers.

“But I am very familiar with the laws around amplified equipment and filming in public.

“I was about to reel off facts I memorised about Buckingham Palace but I didn’t actually get to say any of them.”

The video was posted on TikTok on April 20 and has since racked up over 21 million views.

Zach, from Oxted, Surrey, said: “I guess people just love me being hassled by the police.”

Zach, from Oxted, Surrey, said there were “five or six” police officers insisting he stop his live set - but when he asked why, they had no answers. Credit: Zachary Sabri / SWNS

But he said that actually, attracting police attention had never been his aim - and it had only ever been to make people happy.

He said: “If I can make one person laugh, I have done my job for the day. It’s not about annoying people - I don’t want to come across as a troublemaker.

“My goal is just about making people want to dance, and bringing music to places it’s not normally accessible.

“I have danced in a shopping centre with 80 year olds - I love converting someone from being camera shy to two-stepping with me in public.

“Everyone goes from frowning to having the biggest smile. That’s what dance music is about - bringing people together.”

The Metropolitan Police have been approached for comment.