Olly Murs defends new song ‘I Hate You When Your Drunk’ after fans are divided by ‘misogynistic’ lyrics

Singer Olly Murs reacts after song from upcoming album ‘Marry Me’ sparks ‘misogyny’ claims

Olly Murs divided social media users after releasing his new single ‘I Hate You When You’re Drunk’ from his upcoming album ‘Marry Me’.

The singer, 38, from Essex, released the song on Friday (25 November) from his first album in four years, but it hasn’t gone down well with fans because of the lyrics.

“Oh you’re slurring all your words, there’s makeup on my shirt. You’re dancing on the tables can’t you see, that you look like a mess and you’re singing Whitney whoa,” the first verse says.

Leading into the chorus: “Oh I hate you, hate you, I hate you, hate you when you’re drunk”.

Social media has erupted with angry comments from fans claiming that the song has ‘misogynistic’ lyrics.

One wrote: “Olly Murs is quite the sad, controlling boyfriend according to the lyrics of his new song, “I Hate You When You’re Drunk”. I look forward to her reply song “I Hate You When You Sing”

Another commented: “Whoever @ollymurs wrote “I hate you when you’re drunk” about dodged a bullet. A red flag in musical form. Whoever you are, you seem fine the way you are.”

The X-factor star has defended his single on Twitter with a video montage showing himself drunk.

Olly penned the caption: “I don’t just HATE YOU, I hate me when I’m drunk, new single out today check it out… I’m sure you can all relate to this one”.

Over 300 people have liked the response, while gushing that they love the video. Die-hard fans have shared their happiness over the release of new music and praised the singer for his real and relatable lyrics

Olly Murs is coming to Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

Olly has been in a relationship with bodybuilder Amelia Tank, 30, since 2019. The couple got engaged in June after Olly proposed during the Queen’s Jubilee weekend.

The Voice judge has shared that he gave up alcohol for a year, while admitting that it can make him go a bit mad and he was inspired to go teetotal.

The Marry Me album, which is due to go on sale from the 12 December, comes with an advent calendar with the album cover image on.

Olly will be touring the UK in April, May, June and August 2023 with supporting act Scouting For Girls.