Love Island 2023: Zara Lackenby-Brown shocks fans with claim she kissed Usain Bolt

Fans baffled over timeline of Zara Lackenby-Brown and Usain Bolt kiss

ITV Love Island’s bombshell Zara Lackenby-Brown has shocked and confused fans after claiming she once kissed Olympic Gold medalist Usain Bolt.

The property developer, 25, from London, made the claim during a game of ‘Never Have I Ever’ on Monday night’s episode.

Sittitng around the fire pit new islander, Jessie Wynter suggested the group play a drinking game to break the ice and get to know each other better.

When it came to  Zara’s turn she asked the question “Never have I ever got with or dated a celebrity?”


Zara sipped her drink making it clear that she had got with a celebrity, alongside fellow Islanders Olivia, Lana and Tanya.

Zara explained: “I’ve got with an athlete before a very famous athlete.”

Olivia asked if anyone wanted to “say names” leading Zara to reveal: “I’ve kissed Usain Bolt”

Everyone gasped in shock as Ron joked: “Did he finish quick.”

Viewers of the show were quick to question the claim because Usain Bolt has been in a long term relationship with model Kasi Bennett for eight years and the couple share three children together.

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Fans took to social media as they believe the timeline doesn’t match up.

One person wrote: “I swear Usain Bolt has a long term babes? So when did him and zara lips”.

Another commented: “Usain Bolt has been with his fiancé for 8 years and Zara is only 25 so either she was a teenager when she kissed him or she’s a homewrecker”.

A third added: “Usain Bolt has been with his partner since 2014...Zara is 25. So we’re saying she was 16 and he was 27?”

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