Images of kidnapped Israeli children projected onto London buildings including Wembley Stadium and Tate Modern

The images were produced by the #BringThemBack campaign, which has put on similar displays in cities including New York, Los Angeles and Miami.

Pictures of Israeli children held hostage by Hamas after they were kidnapped during the terrorist attacks have been projected onto locations across the capital, including the Tate Modern and Wembley stadium.

The images were produced by the #BringThemBack campaign which has raised awareness of their plight with similar displays in cities including New York, Los Angeles and Miami.

Among the children pictured is nine-month-old Kfir who was captured with his mother and his four-year-old brother Ariel.

A spokesperson for the campaign said: “The calculated kidnap of nine-month-old Kfir and other children has shocked and sickened the human world.

“Our hearts and those of all good people around the globe bleed at the thought of what those beautiful children and the nearly 200 kidnapped innocents are going through.

“We are determined to keep their faces in the public consciousness and won’t rest until each and every one of the hostages are home. We hope that this campaign at prominent locations across London and the rest of the world encourages all to join this effort.”

As well as projecting the images on prominent buildings, the group has used static and mobile billboards around the capital.

Since Hamas’s attack on Israel on the morning of October 7, more than 1,400 Israelis have been killed and thousands injured and at least 3,000 Palestinians have been killed in retaliatory Israeli strikes on Gaza.

At least six British people are among those dead, prime minister Rishi Sunak said in the House of Commons on Monday, and 10 remain missing.