Heatwave: Body found in River Thames in Richmond believed to be missing 14-year-old boy

Police believe it to be the body of a 14-year-old boy who went missing after entering the water on Monday afternoon.

The body of a teenage boy has been pulled from the River Thames in Richmond.

Tagg’s Island, top right, is where the teen boy went missing in the river. Credit: Adobe Stock

As the temperature hit 37.4C, police officers were alerted that a teenager had entered the water at Tagg’s Island in Hampton, Richmond, at 4.43pm.

Emergency services - including the London Ambulance Service and the London Fire Brigade - scrambled to the scene.

Police said the boy’s next of kin are aware and are being supported by specialist officers.

Officers will assist with preparing a report for the coroner.

Supt Richard Smith, from the South West Command Unit, said yesterday: “Despite the very best efforts of all involved, we must now sadly conclude that this young boy has died.

“His death is a tragedy and I cannot begin to imagine what his family will be going through. All our thoughts are with them.

“I know that on days like today when temperatures are at a record high, it might look appealing to jump in and cool off in rivers, reservoirs, lakes or other open water.

“Please don’t. The dangers are real and this evening in Richmond we have seen the terrible consequences of what happens when it goes wrong.

“To young people in particular, I would urge you to be the person in your group of friends who says no and reminds others about the dangers.

“Your intervention could save a life and save another family from experiencing such an awful loss.”

There were nine accidental drownings in London last year, making it the joint third highest in the UK, despite not having a coastline.

A boy, 17, has reportedly gone missing in the lake at Fairlop Waters, Redbridge. Credit: Adobe Stock

Charlie Pugsley, Assistant Commissioner, said: “No matter how hot things get, the brigade is reminding people to think carefully before diving into water.

“Sadly, crews were called to nine incidents in the past year where someone died due to accidental drowning.

“With a sizzling six-week long school holiday ahead we want people to enjoy their summer by swimming in designated safe swimming areas while also warning people about just how easy it is to get into difficulty.

“There is the risk of cold water shock, which can cause your body to go into shock no matter how fit you are. It causes panic, anxiety, disorientation and loss of muscular control, which cause you to gasp for air and as a result, inhale water.”