Heathrow Airport Emergency: Two aircraft involved in ‘minor collision’ - are arrivals and departures affected?

The incident took place on Wednesday night and involved Icelandair and Korean Air aircraft.

Two aircraft were involved in a ‘minor collision’ on the runway of Heathrow Airport on Wednesday.

Emergency services attended the scene, including around 10 police cars and two fire engines.

An Icelandair plane and a Korean Air aircraft are understood to have collided on the airfield whilst taxiing at approximately 8pm.

Passengers were deboarded from the aircraft due to safety concerns.

The incident is currently being investigated by Heathrow Airport officials.

Footage of the collision circulated across social media channels.

Guardian journalist Dan Sabbagh was aboard the Korean Air plane which was involved in the collision. He tweeted: “I’m on a Korean Air plane that clipped an Icelandair plane at Heathrow - a passenger on the other side saw the incident and told me the wing of our plane damaged the other’s tail.”

Here is everything you need to know about the incident at Heathrow Airport - and whether or not it has caused delays or cancellations.

Were there any injuries or casualties as a result of the collision?

Despite the minor collision that took place between two aircraft at Heathrow Airport on Wednesday evening - as well as a high presence of emergency services - there were no injuries or casualties.

An airport spokesperson issued the following statement: “Emergency services are attending an incident involving two aircraft on the airfield.

“No injuries have been reported but emergency services are attending to ensure all passengers and crew are safe and well.”

The London Fire Brigade, who attended the scene, also confirmed that nobody required any treatment or hospital attention.

Are arrivals and departures from Heathrow Airport affected?

Due to the aircraft collision, it has caused a butterfly effect which resulted in a number of delays at Heathrow Airport.

BBC 5 Live presenter Jennie Gow, who was on a delayed flight at Heathrow Airport, tweeted: “Spoke too soon. Going nowhere fast. Thanks for all the messages. A plane clipped another while taxiing. Apparently I am going to know this seat very well by the end of the journey.”

There were no flight cancellations to or from the airport as a result of the incident.

Despite this, it is understood that the delays were only short-term and that arrivals and departures from Heathrow are now unaffected.

Passengers are advised to check the status of their flight with their airline.