Heathrow Airport: British Airways flight to Barbados delayed after passenger assaulted stewardess

The British Airways flight to Barbados was on the tarmac ready for take off when the police were called over the assault.

A man, 24, has been been arrested after assaulting an air stewardess on a British Airways flight at Heathrow just before take off.

The BA flight to Barbados had been boarded and was on the tarmac when police were called, a passenger told LondonWorld.

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The 11.45am flight was delayed until 1.38pm on Monday, as the stewardess - who was uninjured - had to give a statement to officers.

A British Airways flight to Barbados was delayed for several hours after a stewardess was assaulted by a passenger. Credit: ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP via Getty Images

A Scotland Yard spokesperson said: “A man has been arrested for assault on a member of flight-crew.

“Officers were called at 12.40am on Monday June 6 to terminal 3, Heathrow.

“A 24-year-old man was reported to have assaulted a member of flight crew - no injury was caused.

“The man was arrested and subsequently cautioned for common assault.”

British Airways said: “Disruptive or abusive behaviour is never tolerated and the appropriate action will always be taken.​”

Heathrow Airport is one of many across the country which has been beset by huge queues, delays and cancellations.

Last week, travellers at terminal 3 reported waiting two hours to get through security.

Heathrow Airport declined to comment.