Harden’s top 100 UK restaurants: 42 London restaurants make the list including The Ritz & Adam Handling

Harden’s top 100 is the definitive list for restaurants in the UK and a staggering 42 in London are included - see the list

Forty-two restaurants based in London have been named in the top 100 restaurants in the UK by Harden’s. Harden’s is the ‘trusted guide to the best UK restaurants’ and has been dubbed the ‘Gastronome’s bible’ by the London Evening Standard.

Harden’s have been curating reviews of the UK’s most notable restaurants for 32 years now. Usually, diners will submit over 50,000 reviews to create the most authoritative restaurant guide in the UK. Each year, the guide is re-written from scratch based on this survey.

It’s hardly slim pickings in London. According to the World Cities Culture Forum, London has 15,000 restaurants as of 2020. That’s three times more than Melbourne, more than double San Francisco and less than a thousand than Hong Kong.

Despite dominating the list, the number one spot does not go to a restaurant in London. The number one is Andrew Fairlie, Gleneagles Hotel. This restaurant is based in a small town in Perth and Kinross, Scotland.

London does however take the number two spot with Evelyn’s Table at The Blue Posts, which is located in Rupert Street. It is described as having “levels of skill and technique to compete with much better-known places that leave you with a far higher bill”.

The 42 London restaurants named in Harden’s top 100

  1. Evelyn’s Table at The Blue Posts 
  2. Endo at The Rotunda 
  3. Core by Clare Smyth
  4. Maru
  5. Da Terra, Town Hall Hotel
  6. The Five Fields 
  7. PLU
  8. The Araki 
  9. Muse
  10. Estiatorio Milos
  11. Kitchen Table 
  12. LPM (fka La Petite Maison) 
  13. SOLA 
  14. Anglo 
  15. A Wong 
  16. The Ledbury
  17. Nobu, Metropolitan Hotel 
  18. Club Gascon 
  19. Oxeye
  20. Roketsu
  21. Cornerstone 
  22. Chez Bruce 
  23. Trinity
  24. Aulis London
  25. Bibendum 
  26. The Clove Club
  27. Frog by Adam Handling
  28. Umu
  29. Le Gavroche
  30. Pied a Terre
  31. Ekstedt at The Yard, Great Scotland Yard Hotel 
  32. The Sea, The Sea 
  33. Lyle’s
  34. Imperial Treasure
  35. Behind
  36. BiBi
  37. Amaya
  38. The Ritz
  39. Sketch, Lecture Room at Library 
  40. Quilon
  41. Kol
  42. Myrtle