Dry January: No-alcohol off licence Club Soda helps Londoners ditch booze all year round

The new drinking trend is not drinking at all.

With Dry January coming to an end, many Londoners will be considering whether to continue their abstinence - and they won’t be alone.

One in four Brits don’t drink and more than 50% of the population are looking to moderate their drinking in some way.

Laura Willoughby set up Club Soda after stopping drinking 10 years ago, and has now opened London’s first non-alcoholic off-licence. Credit: Claudia Marquis

Laura explained: “One of the key behaviour change techniques is to find a substitution.”

This is why many drinks brands have decided to start making an alcohol free option, she says.

Club Soda, the dry off licence in Great Portland Street. Credit: Claudia Marquis

These drinks have become much more than a soft drink, within many having health benefits - like alcohol-free beer which often contains vitamin B12.

“It is now becoming more acceptable,” Laura says.

The fact you can find non alcoholic options at places like pubs and bars “takes away the stigma as people have an equal experience when they go to the pub and don’t feel like they are put under pressure”.

Whether you are doing dry January or going dry for life, Club Soda is open until March in Great Portland Street.