First News: A sssurprise discovery!

The discovery ground snake was found hiding in a graveyardThe discovery ground snake was found hiding in a graveyard
The discovery ground snake was found hiding in a graveyard
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THREE new species of snake have been discovered in Ecuador. The first snake was discovered in a small graveyard in the Andes,

with two others found nearby in an old church and in a small school. The discovery was made by a group of scientists led by Alejandro Arteaga, who said: “The discovery of these new snakes is only the first step towards a much larger conservation project.”

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Guy with his dogGuy with his dog
Guy with his dog

Arteaga and his team are now in the process of setting up a nature reserve to help protect snakes like these.

The snakes are all part of the Atractus family, which are shy and secretive snakes that live under the ground.

There are now 150 different snakes that belong to this family around the world. The full study has been published in the journal ZooKeys.


Try to solve this week's puzzleTry to solve this week's puzzle
Try to solve this week's puzzle

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World Mental Health Day

10 October

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A day aimed at raising awareness of mental health issues around the world and what more needs to be

done to support people.

World Sight Day

13 October

Highlights the need for good eyecare for all and how important it is to #LoveYourEyes.


THE World Porridge Making Championship is taking place in Scotland on 8 October. Competitors from far

and wide will battle it out to make the world’s best porridge!

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