Earth Day 2022 in London: date, what is it, and activities and events for kids and adults near me

The theme for Earth Day 2022 is ‘invest in our planet’.
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Tomorrow marks the annual event that is Earth Day 2022, with the day used to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

The issues facing our planet are extensive, and are bordering on irreversible damage. The issues range from plastic pollution to extensive climate change.

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The first Earth Day was held 52 years ago in 1970, on 22 April, with a different theme every year.

This year, the theme is ‘invest in our planet’.

What is Earth Day, and are there any activities near me?

What is Earth Day?

Every year on 22 April, a day is devoted to supporting environmental protection.

Over 190 countries get engaged in Earth Day, and it has been running since 1970, over 5 decades.

This year’s theme is named ‘Invest In Our Planet’ which is aimed at encouraging individuals, businesses and governments to invest in better practices that can protect the earth and environment.

What is the history of Earth Day?

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The initial idea for Earth Day came after a 1969 oil spill occurred off the coast of Santa Barbara, California. In response to what happened, it is reported that US Senator Gaylord Nelson wanted environmental activism.

This then led to the first Earth Day in 1970, and was met with great success with an estimated 20 million people across the United States participating. This was around 10 percent of the country getting involved.

Then the movement began to spark change at the very top, with the then US President Richard Nixon creating the Environment Protection Agency, which was a new branch of the federal government.

The first Earth Day seemed to have a huge impact, with a whole host of new environmental legislations being passed in the early 1970s in the US, including the Clean Water and Clean Air Act to name a couple.

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After two decades, Earth Day was an international campaign by 1990 and was recognised in 141 countries, and had reached full global level by 2000.

As of 2020, over one billion people now celebrate world Earth Day, in as many as 190 countries.

When is Earth Day 2022?

Earth Day 2022 is on Friday 22 April.

What events are being held near me?

Many events are taking place in London for Earth Day 2022.

  • Earth Day - Family Fun Afternoon

At this event, you can learn all about sustainability, play recycling games and even grow your own food in a handmade paper pot.

There will also be an opportunity to turn old t-shirts into your very own tote bag in a family workshop session.

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This event is taking place on Friday, 22 April 1pm - 3:30pm and tickets can be purchased from Ticketsource.

Address: Iver Environment Centre, Slough Road, SL0 0EB - Earthday/

  • Earth Day in Crofton Park

The event kicks off at the Crofton Park Community Library, with children invited to the library where they will make pinwheels and bird feeders.

At around 1pm, it’s off to the railway garden, for growing food. From 1pm - 1:30pm, children will be taught how to and then grow their own microgreens, encouraging them to grow their own produce.

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From 1:30 - 2:15pm, children will help to make the railway garden more wildlife friendly, by growing flowers for pollinators.

This event is taking place on Saturday, 23 April.

Address: Crofton Park Community Library, 375 Brockley Road, London, England, SE4 2AG, United Kingdom -

  • Green Meet - Children’s Food Waste Workshop

The day will start with a children’s talk in a main tent, before you link up with the ecoACTIVE team in the education centre for a workshop.

You will learn about what happens to food when it’s wasted, and its impact on the environment.

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You will also learn about the importance of worms, and the impact they have in the compost cycle, meet the worms in person and get hands on by planting your own seeds in paper pots to take home.

The workshop is for children aged 5-11 and all children must be accompanied by an adult, with the workshop on 8 May, 2022. Tickets can be bought for free on the DigitalTickets but a donation of £2 is welcome.