National World and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We are constantly seeking to improve ways of generating content for our websites and newspapers. AI is rarely out of the news these days and it is our intention to make it part of our news.

But, as with all new technologies, there are learning curves and the watchword is caution. For that reason, it’s important that we at National World are transparent about our use of artificial intelligence:

  • We will use artificial intelligence to enhance our journalism, not replace it
  • We will continue to employ human intervention on all content prior to publication
  • We will acknowledge and brand any piece of content that has any AI involvement accordingly

We believe AI can work in tandem with our journalists, helping to free them up to produce more insightful, original and engaging content.

We will initially test material comprising AI-generated text within a controlled, innovation context before rolling it out into a live publishing environment. 

Examples could be stories that use AI to scrape large datasets, to provide statistic-based content. For example, in producing localised weather reports.

In such cases we will clearly show that the article has been generated with the support of AI through the byline information.

To ensure accuracy and reliability, we will only use authoritative and trusted datasets and, working with our partners, we will develop our own AI technologies to further enhance the quality and accuracy of our output.

Whatever the content we produce, it will continue to be overseen and monitored by a human editor. 

We will take all reasonable care not to infringe the copyright of third parties when using AI to support our content creation and we will respect industry codes of conduct as they continue to evolve in this area.

Every journalist in the team is ultimately responsible for the accuracy, fairness, balance, originality and integrity of every word they publish, according to the NationalWorld editorial standards.

National World will endeavour to ensure UK GDPR compliance as far as possible in its use of AI. This includes, where appropriate, completing Data Protection Impact Assessments before using AI technology.