Wandsworth Platinum Jubilee street party 2022: Which roads are closed for street parties for bank holiday?

There will be 224 street parties in Wandsworth taking place for free for residents - as well picnics and lunchtime entertainment across the borough’s parks.

Plans are being made across Wandsworth to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee as the monarch marks 70 years on the throne.

There will be a four-day bank holiday weekend for the festivities kicking off on Thursday June 2.

Events are being held across London for the public, with a pop concert outside Buckingham Palace including performances from Queen, Alicia Keys and Elton John.

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    There will also be a service at St Paul’s Cathedral and a pageant featuring a dragon puppet, marching bands and circus acts on the capital’s streets. Most celebrations will be broadcast live.

    Londoners in every borough will come together to host street parties for the historic occasion.

    A street party for Meghan and Harry’s wedding. Credit: Chris McGrath/Getty Images

    There will be 224 street parties in Wandsworth taking place for free for residents.

    Wandsworth Council waived the usual £60 fee required to close roads to make the Jubilee street parties easier for locals to organise.

    The council will be holding picnics across Wandsworth parks on Sunday 5 June with the help of local groups.

    There will be free lunchtime entertainment in Battersea Park, Wandsworth Common, Tooting Common, Furzedown Recreation Ground and Coronation Gardens.

    Young musicians will perform to the crowds, including children from primary schools who have taken part in music workshops for the big day.

    Full list of Wandsworth road closures for Platinum Jubilee street parties

    Abercrombie Street

    Airedale Road

    Alfriston Road

    Alma Terrace

    Almeric Road

    Altenburg Gardens

    Amner Road

    Aspley Road

    Astonville Street

    Avarn Road

    Avoca Road

    Ballingdon Road

    Balmuir Gardens

    Balvernie Grove

    Bangalore Street

    Barmouth Road

    Bassingham Road

    Bective Road

    Bellamy Street

    Belleville Road

    Bertal Road

    Birchwood Road

    Blegborough Road

    Blenkarne Road

    Borrodaile Road

    Bracken Avenue

    Brandreth Road

    Bramfield Road

    Brathway Road

    Brightwell Crescent

    Broadwater Road

    Brodrick Road

    Broxash Road

    Burcote Road

    Burland Road

    Burntwood Close

    Burntwood Grange Road

    Calbourne Road

    Carey Gardens

    Carmalt Gardens

    Chartfield Avenue

    Chasefield Road

    Chelverton Road

    Cheriton Square

    Clarendon Drive

    Clonmore Street

    Coalecroft Road

    Coliston Road

    Combemartin Road

    Condell Road

    Coteford Street

    Crieff Road

    Crowborough Road

    Crowborough Road

    Dahomey Road

    Dalby Road

    Deodar Road

    Devereux Road

    Disraeli Road

    Dorlcote Road

    Dryburgh Road

    Eastwood Street

    Edencourt Road

    Edna Street

    Elborough Street

    Ellerton Road

    Elsenham Street

    Endlesham Road

    Engadine Street

    Erpingham Road

    Fawe Park Road

    Fernside Road

    Festing Road

    Franche Court Road

    Freke Road

    Frewin Road

    Fullerton Road

    Galesbury Road

    Galgate Close

    Galveston Road

    Gartmoor Gardens

    Gaskarth Road

    Gassiot Road

    Gateside Road

    Gatwick Road

    Gayville Road

    Geraldine Road

    Girdwood Road

    Gladwyn Road

    Glendarvon Street

    Gorst Road

    Gosberton Road

    Gowrie Road

    Granard Avenue

    Grandison Road

    Gwalior Rd

    Hendham Road

    Henning Street

    Herondale Avenue

    Heslop Road

    Heythorp Street

    Hillier Road

    Holdernesse Road

    Holroyd Road

    Hosack Road

    Hotham Road

    Inner Park Road

    Jessica Road

    Jeypore Road

    Juer Street

    Kassala Road

    Keble Street

    Kelmscott Road

    Kingham Close

    Kyrle Road

    Laitwood Road

    Landford Road

    Langside Avenue

    Leacroft Avenue

    Lebanon Gardens

    Lidiard Road

    Littleton Street

    Longfield Street

    Longley Road

    Longstaff Crescent

    Longstone Road

    Louisville Road

    Lower Common South

    Loxley Road

    Luttrell Avenue

    Mallinson Road

    Manchuria Road

    Marham Gardens

    Marney Road

    Melody Road

    Melrose Road

    Mexfield Road

    Montana Road

    Montefiore Street

    Montholme Road

    Montolieu Gardens

    Morven Road

    Multon Road

    Muncaster Road

    Nimrod Road


    Orbel Street

    Ormeley Road

    Parklands Road

    Patience Road

    Pendle Road

    Pentlow Street

    Penwortham Road

    Pickets Street

    Pleasance Road

    Plough Terrace

    Ponsonby Road

    Pretoria Road

    Pulborough Road

    Quarry Road

    Ramsden Road

    Ranmere Street

    Redgrave Road

    Rosenau Crescent

    Roskell Road

    Ryde Vale Road

    Sainfoin Road

    Salcott Road

    Salterford Road

    Sangora Road

    Santos Road

    Sedleigh Road

    Selkirk Road

    Sellincourt Road

    Seymour Road

    Sispara Gardens

    Southdean Gardens

    Spencer Walk

    Squarey Street

    St Philip Street

    St. Ann’s Hill

    Standen Road

    Stormont Road

    Stratford Grove

    Strathdon Drive

    Strathville Road

    Streathbourne Road

    Sudbrooke Road

    Sudlow Road

    Sugden Road

    Swanage Road

    Taybridge Road

    Thurleigh Road

    Tideswell Road

    Trevelyan Road

    Trewint Street

    Tunley Road

    Twilley Street

    Ursula Street

    Valonia Gardens

    Veronica Road

    Viewfield Road

    Wakehurst Road

    Waldron Road

    Warriner Gardens

    Waynflete Street

    Welham Road

    West Hill Road

    Westover Road

    Wilna Road

    Wisley Road

    Worfield Street

    Wye Street

    Woodthorpe Road

    Bramcote Road

    Eatonville Road

    Eatonville Villas