Richmond Park Marathon 2022: when is it, what’s the route, can I still enter and when is the half marathon?

The Richmond Park Marathon is almost upon us

Just a couple of weeks after the London TCS Marathon, another marathon on the London calendar is just around the corner.

Despite not being the most desirable marathon in London, this is still a very popular run for experienced runners and those new to the scene.

The race is fast approaching, can people still sign up?

When is the Richmond Park Marathon 2022?

Like most marathons, this one takes place on a Sunday and will be held on Sunday, 22 May 2022.

This marathon comes before the Richmond Marathon which is set to take place this year in September, which is more popular due to the sights you can see along the way such as the Botanical Gardens and more.

What is the route?

The route consists of three laps around Richmond park, as is the name. The park, created by Charles I in the 17th century as a deer park, sprawls across 2363 acres, making it the largest of London’s Royal Parks.

The route begins and finishes at Sheen Gate with the first lap is 12 miles and follows a route around the perimeter of the park in addition to cutting through the centre of the park. The second and third laps follow the Tamsin trail, each lap being 7.1 miles long.

When runners approach Broomfield Hill, there will be the opportunity to eat or have a drink, which is vital when running a marathon.

With a very simple route, this is the perfect marathon for those who are new to running marathons and have a few or even no marathons under their belt.

To further help those and the route, ensuring they stick to the route and do not veer off, there will be a lead cyclist, with runners encouraged to follow the cyclist.

To view the map more in depth, visit the official Richmond Park Marathon website and take a look at the interactive map.

What time does the marathon start?

Unlike other marathons, there will be no staggered start time, with everyone taking part set to begin the race at 9:30am.

Whilst everyone will finish in different times, popular running brand Asics confirms that the global average run time for a male in a marathon is four hours and 21 minutes, whilst the global average for a female is four hours and 42 minutes.

Can I still enter the marathon?

People can still enter the race if they choose to do so. It currently costs £40 to enter plus a further charge of £2.51, and you can enter via Eventrac.

How can I get to the event?

It is probably best for those attending to either drive or get dropped off. With the official website saying there are “plenty of car parking spaces at both Sheen Gate and Roehampton Gate Car Parks – the earlier you arrive for the race, the more chance you will have of getting a space at the Sheen CP which is where the race HQ and start is.”

The public transport links aren’t the best to Richmond Park, with the closest train station being Mortlake Overground, which is around a 15 minute walk away.

The closest tube station is also over two miles away.

Buses do stop relatively close to the park, but it is best to check what bus can take you and how far away it is prior to the event.