Oxford Street Christmas lights switch on 2022: Illumination date for new sustainable stars decorations

Sustainable stars will feature as part of the Oxford Street Christmas lights this year - here’s when to see the big switch on

One of the most famous and iconic rows of Christmas lights, located in Oxford Street, London, are set to be turned on this week. The light show proves to be one of the most dazzling in the UK every year, with a slight twist set to occur this year.

With Halloween out of the way, everyone’s attention is turning to the next holiday in the UK. We’re still around eight weeks away from Christmas, but the festive feel begins a few weeks before December.

A 2020 YouGov study revealed nine in ten Brits celebrate Christmas, making it one of the most celebrated holidays in the UK. And, one of the traditional ways to kick off festivities is to gather together to witness the  turning on of the Christmas lights.

The Oxford Street lights come at a perfect time. With the clocks going back, plunging the UK into darkness before 5pm for the next few months, the lights illuminate the entire street, putting the spring back in people’s steps.

With the lights set to be turned on imminently, here’s when you can witness the illumination. And this year, there’s also an eco-friendly shake up concerning the stars.

When are the Oxford Street Christmas lights being turned on?

The Oxford Street lights are one of the first in the UK to be turned on, and will be lit on Wednesday, November 2.

Oxford Street Christmas lights sustainable stars

This year, London is going to be more sustainable than ever. The street will still be illuminated with 5,000 stars, providing ample Instagram opportunities, but this year they will have a smaller carbon footprint.

That’s because Oxford Street’s Christmas stars will shine for a slightly shorter period each day this year in a bid to cut their energy consumption in the midst of the UK’s widely publicised cost of living crisis.

The stars are made from around 300,000 LED light bulbs made from recycled polymer. This is a huge boon for sustainability, as they are 75% more efficient than standard light bulbs. The introduction of this will see two-thirds less energy used when compared to last year. Furthermore, as they’re 100% recyclable, they can be used in next year’s light show, when the stars will shine bright once more in Oxford Street.

As per ‘Secret London’ Hadas Kulcsar, Campaigns and Events Manager at New West End Company, said: “We’re delighted to be bringing back the Christmas lights to the world-famous Oxford Street this year, with a special twist to treat those who’ve really made a difference in 2022. For many, this is the first Christmas without restrictions post-Covid and we want to take this opportunity to help people get back to celebrating the essence of Christmas together: love and giving.

“In the current climate, it is also important that we reduce our energy consumption and help to promote a more sustainable Christmas in line with our ambitions to make Oxford Street a leading sustainable district. The reduced hours of our Christmas lights are a great step forward to achieving this.”