London weather: Met Office forecast temperatures of 20C in the capital this bank holiday weekend

Here’s what Londoners can expect from the weather this bank holiday according to the Met Office.

The third and final bank holiday of May is set to be a warm one for those who call the capital home. London will hit 20C across the long weekend according to the Met Office.

Londoners clocking off for another three-day break this weekend may want to get out their hats and shades. As well as warmer temperatures, the sun is also expected to shine down on the city’s famous skyline.

The increase in temperatures  comes after it was reported the UK could be in for a ‘mini heatwave.’ According to the Met Office though, the city will not be getting quite that hot over the next few days.

As city dwellers plan their bank holiday breaks across the city, we take a look at what the capital can expect weather-wise. From sunny spells and clear skies, it’s likely to be a welcome change from the colder weather.

Bank holiday weekend weather for London 

Saturday, May 27

The weekend is set to have a sunny start with clear skies across the city throughout the day. Temperatures will stay mild during the morning,rising by afternoon. It’s likely around 4pm the capital will reach the day’s maximum temperature of around 20C.

High: 20C

Low: 10C

Sunday, May 28

Sunday will have a sunny start, but by the early afternoon, clouds will line the capital’s skies. Temperatures in the city are expected to warm up around midday and across the afternoon. The hottest point of the day will come at 1pm and again at 4pm when the mercury will again hit 20C.

High: 20C

Low: 9C

Monday, May 29 

Clouds will line London’s skyline for most of the day, with the sun peaking out for a few hours towards the end of the day. Monday will see the city cool overall. By 1pm, the temperature is expected to reach 15C, which will rise slightly in the late afternoon before dropping again as the day draws to a close.

High: 17C

Low: 9C