The staggering Premier League prize money Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea will earn this season

How much will each Premier League club earn from the 2021/22 campaign?

Monday, 23rd May 2022, 3:41 pm

The Premier League season came to an end over the weekend as Tottenham claimed a Champions League spot over Arsenal, despite both sides thrashing their opponents on the final day.

Chelsea had already solidified third place prior to the weekend’s match, while West Ham narrowly missed out on the top six after they were beaten by Brighton.

While the likes of Brentford and Crystal Palace really had nothing important to play for, their league position at the end of the season would still make a difference to how much prize money the club would receive.

Prize monies for the Premier League include television and broadcasting revenue at the close of each season, while the higher in the table a club finishes, the more money they receive.

The prize money is divided into equal share, facilities, international TV rights, commercial revenue and merit share, with the merit payment based on league position.

So how much will the London clubs earn this season, and how do these figures stack up across the Premier League?

Check out the full rankings, from 20th to first, below...

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