Premier League prize money: How much Arsenal will earn compared to Man City & rivals - gallery

Here is the amount of money Arsenal and the rest of Premier League clubs are set to earn come the end of the season.

Arsenal have secured qualification into the Champions League for the first time since the 2015/16 season. The Gunners play their final game of the season against Wolves on Sunday.

In addition to the exciting prospect of facing some of the best teams around, the qualification for Europe’s elite tournament brings with it a significant financial boost. Each step forward in their campaign not only enhances their chances of glory but also increases the lucrative prize money at stake.

Every Premier League team stands to gain a substantial sum from television rights payments, starting at approximately £84 million. However, additional appearances on the broadcast can further bolster this figure, and there are further financial rewards based on the final standings of the clubs.

We take a look at exactly how much each based on last season’s prize money totals and television money below...

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