Astonishing Premier League ‘timewasting’ data shows where Arsenal rank compared to Chelsea, Spurs & Newcastle

A look at how Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham compare when it comes to time wasting this season.

The Premier League is finally nearing a conclusion after another dramatic season at the top and bottom.

Arsenal are still battling it out with Manchester City for top spot going into their final games, while Tottenham are eyeing a top six spot, and Chelsea cimply can’t wait for the season to end. Once again, though, the Premier League has drawn criticism for the time the ball is in play, with only La Liga coming out worse of the top five leagues for time wasted.

Some teams are worse than others, with Newcastle United boss Eddie Howe constantly trying to defend his side against time-wasting claims, but what do the figures say? Who is the worst when it comes to slowing the game down?

On Sunday, he criticised Arsenal’s approach, as he said after the Gunners’ 2-0 win: “It was frustrating. We wanted the ball in play, we wanted to find our rhythm. It was very stop-start. That was suiting, of course, the away team. As the home team, you want the ball in play.”

Here we take a look from bottom to top to see where the London clubs rank.