11 nice spring walks in London: best local springtime trails near me - from Hyde Park to Southbank

With spring coming, here’s 11 nice walks in London.

After months of cold, dark and wet weather, spring is just around the corner.

Warmer weather, dryer days and longer evenings are coming, providing the opportunity to enjoy some nice walks.

Here’s 11 nice walks in London from Hyde Park to Southbank.

Hyde Park

Located near Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park sits in the heart of London.

Despite being used for performances for the likes of Justin Bieber and Adele, Hyde Park provides a perfect place to enjoy a spring walk.

The Waterside cafe provides not only refreshments but also stunning views of the lake.

You can admire the Princess Diana Memorial fountain and the trees that overlook the park.

Hyde Park is one of eight royal parks in London, and covers around 350 acres.

Address: Hyde Park, London, W2 2UH - https://www.royalparks.org.uk/

Hampstead Heath

From over 17,000 Google reviews, Hampstead Heath has a 4.7 star rating.

It spans over 800 acres and is home to stunning scenery, blossoming flowers and a wide array of wildlife.

Hampstead Heath has been the spark of inspiration for world renowned works, such as C.S Lewis’ ‘The Chronicles of Narnia.’

Pubs are also located nearby, making this the perfect outing in the spring.

Address: West Gate Lodge, Hampstead Lane, Hampstead Heath, London, NW3 7JP - https://www.hampsteadheath.net/

Holland Park

A statue in Holland Park A statue in Holland Park
A statue in Holland Park

Located in West London, Holland Park offers children’s playing facilities, sports areas, a cafe and woodland that’s brimming with wildlife.

Holland Park is also home to the Kyoto Garden, a Japanese garden that was donated in 1991.

Dogs are unfortunately not allowed inside the garden, and it’s open from 7:30am until 30 minutes before dusk.

You can visit London Footprints for directions on walks in the park.

Address: Ilchester Place, W8 6LU - https://www.rbkc.gov.uk/leisure-and-culture/parks

Morden Hall Park Walk

With the various footpaths and walking routes smooth, with very little inclines, this is accessible for wheelchair users and pushchairs.

There’s lots to see on the Morden Hall walk, such as the river, the water mills, the historic rose garden, the meadows or wetlands.

The park is also situated in the middle of the Wandle Trail which follows the route of the River Wandle from Croydon to Wandsworth, and has both walking and cycling routes.

To let your dog off lead, you can take your four-legged friend to the wetlands or south field.

Address: Morden Hall Rd, London, Morden SM4 5JD - Nationaltrust.org/MordenHall

Osterley Perimeter Trail

In the spring of 2017, the Osterley Perimeter Trail had a huge overhaul, improving the routes and trails.

The lakes, parkland and mansions give people some rest from the hustle and bustle of Isleworth and Hounslow, creating a clean and peaceful place for locals and visitors.

The multi-use trail starts and ends at the main car park, with toilets and refreshments available en-route.

Address: Jersey Rd, Isleworth TW7 4RB - Nationaltrust.org/OsterleyTrail

St James’ Park

There’s more to do at St James’ Park instead of just walking.

You can sit down in the cafe and soak in the views of the lakes and the fountain, or watch the pelicans being fed at feeding time.

St James’ Park has been home to pelicans for around 400 years, after they were initially a gift from the Russian ambassador to King Charles ll.

The park covers 57 acres, and can boast an array of different and stunning wildlife, including 15 different species of waterfowl.

Address: London SW1H 9AP - https://www.royalparks.org.uk/

The Regent’s Park

One of the more elegant walks, as you can walk alongside over 12,000 roses here.

There’s lots to do here, with tree-lined pathways, four children’s playgrounds and central London’s largest outdoor sports area.

You can even hire a rowing boat, or admire the ducks from afar as you walk around the large ponds.

The Royal Parks website says: “The park also provides a warm welcome for wildlife. It has a large wetland area and is home to around 100 species of wild bird and a breeding population of hedgehogs.”

Address: The Regent’s Park, NW1 4NR - https://www.royalparks.org.uk/parks/the-regents-park

London Docklands

The walk from UEL is just over the water from London City Airport (Pictured) The walk from UEL is just over the water from London City Airport (Pictured)
The walk from UEL is just over the water from London City Airport (Pictured)

This route begins at the University of East London, and lasts around three miles, ending in a trendy spot of East London.

You can walk adjacent to the vibrant campus, whilst being within touching distance from the glistening water.

Take in the breathtaking views of Canary Wharf, and the iconic o2 Arena, whilst being close to the yacht hotel, situated near the London City Airport.

You will also get a history lesson on this walk, and see some old decommissioned buildings.

Address (start point) University Way, London E16 2RD - https://www.royaldocks.london/articles/four-walks-to-discover-the-docks

Kensington Gardens

The walking tour here takes around two hours, with refreshment stops along the way.

People on Google have said “It is a lovely place to walk the dog”.

The lake is usually full of ducks, swans and just the gardens as whole is full of different wildlife, and it is the perfect place for a spring walk.

Children can enjoy the sensory trail and the huge wooden pirate ship.


Children play in a fountain entitled 'Appearing Rooms' by artist Jeppe Hein at the Southbank CentreChildren play in a fountain entitled 'Appearing Rooms' by artist Jeppe Hein at the Southbank Centre
Children play in a fountain entitled 'Appearing Rooms' by artist Jeppe Hein at the Southbank Centre

Unlike some places, some of the best walks in London are away from the parks and nature, and instead in the city.

In one view you can have an array of different things such as culture, history and more.

And that is no different with Southbank, as you can view the Thames, Parliament, The London Eye and more on your walk.

A good walk is to start at Westminster Bridge, and finish up at Tower Bridge, which is around 2.5 miles.

As well as landmarks in the UK, there’s plenty of pubs and eateries on the walk.

Address: Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 - SouthbankWalks

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

The Olympic Park covers hundreds of acres, with set trails and some unofficial routes aplenty.

The official trails suit all, there’s a trail tailored for children, wildlife lovers, art lovers and those reminiscing about the 2012 Olympic Games held in London.

You can also venture nearby, and take a stroll around the home of West Ham United, soaking in their history that is wrapped around their stadium.

Even if you don’t fancy a walk, you can rent a bike and cycle around the Olympic Park, going as close as the railings that surround the hockey pitch.

Address: Westfield Ave, London, E20 2ST - https://www.queenelizabetholympicpark.co.uk/