Queen Vic’s last orders: EastEnders’ old set being torn down as cast move to new £87m location

Work has started to tear down the old set.

The cast and crew of the long running hit BBC One show EastEnders have finally moved location onto the new £87 million set, as work to tear down the now old set is underway.

Earlier in the week, workmen were spotted on the old set at the iconic Queen Victoria pub to begin the removal process.

The famous sign out the front has gone, with the pub inside now looking bare.

The new Albert Square, which is the focal point of many episodes.

Other recognisable locations on the old set, including Beale’s Fish Bar, owned by Ian Beale, an old betting shop and a fictional discount store also appeared to have been cleared out.

Meanwhile, fences have surrounded the Argee Bhajee Indian restaurant, with several cranes dotted around the old set.

The BBC has spent millions constructing the brand new set.

Back in 2016, the old set that is currently being torn, was deemed “not fit for purpose” and after £87 million spent on a new set, it will air on scenes from spring onwards.

The revamped Queen Victoria, EastEnders’ iconic pub.

The BBC, amid the drama of the license fee, has released pictures of the new set, including the new Queen Vic fresh with new red paint.

It has also released pictures of the show’s iconic locations, such as Mitchell brothers’ mechanical garage and Ruby Allen’s nightclub.

The old set was erected in 1984, and the new set, located in Borehamwood, is right next to the old set, based in Elstree Studios.

EastEnders is the BBC’s longest running TV serial drama, and the vast investment in the show’s new set offer a new HD viewing experience and will offer enhanced filming options. Directors are also believed to have greater freedom due to the new set enabling creativity.

Back in 2018, the BBC was accused of “overspending” after it was revealed to be cost £86.7 million, which was £27 million over budget.