Ten of the best Mother’s Day afternoon teas from UK supermarkets and online stores for Mothering Sunday

Eight of the best Mother’s Day afternoon teas from UK supermarketsEight of the best Mother’s Day afternoon teas from UK supermarkets
Eight of the best Mother’s Day afternoon teas from UK supermarkets | New Africa - stock.adobe.com

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Keep it simple, classic and delicious with one of these excellent supermarket afternoon teas for Mother’s Day this year

Mother’s Day is the ideal opportunity to spoil your mum, and ideally spend some quality time with her, if she lives near enough.

An afternoon tea together is a fantastic way to enjoy each other’s company - and can prove considerably more cost effective than heading out to local haunts, which often bump up the price on their afternoon tea in time for Mothering Sunday.

What is included in afternoon tea?

There aren’t any rules when it comes to the food included as part of an afternoon tea, but a standard version is served on a three tier cake stand and has a tier of sandwiches, a tier of cakes and one of scones or teacakes.

Some also include pastries, petits fours and biscuits.

Frankly, though, we would eschew any concerns about what traditional teas contain and pay closer attention to what food and drinks your mum loves. Doesn’t like tea?

Choose an afternoon tea with a bottle of fizz included, or some delicious coffee. Chooses cheese over chocolate? Plump for some decadent savouries and posh fromage, like this delightful option from Not on the High Street.

Below you’ll find a selection of hampers and gift sets that contain a variety of sweet and savoury treats.

There’s something to suit every taste, and every budget, and some can be delivered to your door while others require in-store pick up.

When is Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day in the UK falls on Sunday 27 March this year.

Before you buy any of these six sets you should check the delivery and pick-up information. Some products will have a longer shelf life than others and you need to check that what you buy will last until the big day.

What gift can I buy for mum?

Look no further than our round up some of the best personalised, cheap and unique presents for gift inspiration.

If you have a beauty-loving mum, consider the LookFantastic limited edition Mother’s Day box.

You could also give mum another delicious meal from the comfort of her own home, or yours, with the M&S family dine-in deal 2022 which will feed mum and three other people.


The afternoon tea box is made fresh to order from Morrisons, and provides a perfect selection of goodies for two people.

That entails an ideal mix of savoury and sweet - sandwiches, pork pies, fruit scones, clotted cream, jam and cakes, all of which is washed down with a refreshing cup of Yorkshire Tea.

If you have a sibling joining you, or you want dad to join you too, then you can also order an afternoon tea box for one for £6 which contains the same tasty sweet and savoury treats.

Delivery: The afternoon tea box is only available for collection in store.

To order the afternoon tea, select your local pick-up store, a pick-up date and a pick-up time. The box must be ordered at least three days in advance so that it can be freshly prepared to order.


Is your mum a tea-lover? The Selfridges’ afternoon tea gift box will answer every chai related desire she’s ever had.

With six pastel-shaded tubes containing a gorgeous selection of tubes, including rose and elderflower, Earl Grey, and passionfruit and orange infusion.

Then - the biscuits. Ooft - salty-sweet, toothsome caramel bakes, and buttery shortbread that puts other biscuit manufacturers to shame (we scoffed the lot in one sitting).


Selfridges Selection mini salted caramel shortbread 100g, Selfridges Selection mini all butter shortbread 100g, Selfridges Selection fruit & herbal tea trio 32.5g, Selfridges Selection traditional tea trio mini carton 55g.

Delivery: Mainland UK

Delivery cost: £5


This lovely hamper contains a combination of most-loved treats from Harrod’s famous food halls that are bound to whet mum’s appetite - and yours.

There’s British strawberry jam and lemon curd biscuits, and also chocolate-covered cherries, plus a bottle of their deliciously dry Champagne.

All beautifully presented in a Harrods-branded hamper.

Contents: Marc De Champagne Truffles, Raspberry White Chocolate Bar, Dark Chocolate Cherries, Cocoa Dusted Almonds, Triple Chocolate Biscuits, Lemon Curd And Almond Biscuits, British Strawberry Preserve, English Breakfast 50tb, Knightsbridge Roast, Harrods Champagne Nv

Delivery: mainland UK

Delivery cost: free

Mother's Day With Love Hamper With Champagne

Honestly, we don’t think we need to sell the notion of this hamper to you. Marky’s Food Hall is synonymous with quality, and this is ideal for any Mum who loves a spot of chocolate and champers.

Delivery is available on this afternoon tea box until 31 March

All the food will stay fresh for a minimum of 14 days on delivery.

Contents:Delacourt Rose Champagne (37.5cl) (Alcohol content- 12.50%), Collection Chocolate Truffle (570g), Collection Dark Chocolate & Ginger Florentines (170g), Toasted Marcona Almonds (150g), Collection Italian Hazelnut Crème (360g), British Elsanta Strawberry Jam (250g)

Delivery: Mainland UK

Delivery costs: from £3.50

Fortnum and Mason The Mid-Afternoon Tea Hamper

There are certain rules you end up setting for yourself when you write about food frequently - a personal one is to not use the word ‘moreish’ too often. And yet, the Fortnum and Mason hamper is sooooooo good we’re going to have to break it out - here are some seriously moreish goodies.

A wicker hamper that you’ll keep (we have all of our Fortnum and Mason hampers in employ around our house, storing everything from magazines to toilet rolls - they look great) is replete with loads of their best-selling goodies - a delicious collection. Our favourites? The macadamia nut biscuits are the cheeky little devils that caused us to break out the ‘m’ word. What a treat.

Contains: Piccadilly macadamia nut biscuits 200g, Fortnum’s earl grey shortbread rounds 125g, Fortnum’s famous teas 3 x 25g, chocolossus biscuits 600g, Fortnum’s strawberry preserve 200g, milk chocolate selection box 120g, mini classic world teas 3 x 25g, traditional shortbread fingers 160g, white chocolate strawberry and black pepper bar 75g, milk chocolate lavender bar 75g, 70% dark chocolate bar 75g

Delivery: Mainland UK

Delivery costs: takes 3 to 5 days and costs £3.95, or you can opt for next day delivery for £9.95.

Cartwright and Butler’s The Mother’s Day Hamper

Oh, we love Cartwright and Butler, who make truly excellent British produce, in a heartily traditional mode.

This Mother’s Day hamper comes in a wicker basket - heart-shaped, so your mum won’t miss the symbolism - and is packed with delectable sweet treats (and a bottle of Prosecco for good measure).

Full contents:

C&B Chocolate Wafer Crispies, C&B Strawberry & White Chocolate Biscuits in Carton, C&BButter Fudge in Tin, C&B Sherbet Pips Sweets in Carton, C&B Strawberry Preserve, Bogetta Poeti Prosecco

Harvey Nichols

This box contains a variety of quintessential afternoon tea treats for you tuck in to with mum.

Pour yourselves a cup of earl grey or English breakfast tea to enjoy alongside buttery shortbread or some exclusive brand cherry on the top biscuits, which have been made to an old family recipe and were inspired by the bakewell tart.

There’s also a duo of jams for spreading on freshly baked bread and to finish, 6 heavenly little squares of creamy fudge infused with tangy lemon sherbet.

Delivery: Mainland UK

Delivery cost: Free

Appleyard London Afternoon Tea with Cocktails

We’re big fans of this classy little option from Appleyard, which is ideal if you want to enjoy some tipples with your mum (or maybe if you’re buying for your partner on behalf of a wee one).

The cute jute bag contains some scrumptious nibbles - from the orange-choc cantuccni to crumbly cheddar crackers, all of which pair well with the impressive ready-made cocktail.

Batched by leading mixologists the pink negroni is sophisticated and delicious.

Contents: Amaretti soft almond dolcetti 210g; Good and Proper English breakfast tea; Truffles; Seggiano chocolate and orange cantuccini 200g; pink negroni 100ml; Soffles pitta chips 165g; Grate Britain cheddar cheese crackers 45g; Firetree Vanuatu 72% 25g; Appleyard tote.

Delivery: Mainland UK

Delivery cost: £5.99

Cutter and Squidge Afternoon Tea At Home - UK Delivery

When we were lucky enough to trial this Cutter and Squidge afternoon tea, we were especially glad to be working from home, as the noises we made eating it were Not Safe For Work.

They live up to the ‘Squidge’ in the name- these are some seriously fudgy, moist traybakes. We were also impressed with the freshness. Want bakes just like (read: better) than Nana used to make? These are your bakers.

Contents: 2 brownies, 2 mini lemon drizzle cakes, 4 scones, 2 pots of Rodda’s clotted cream, 1 jam, 1 Cutter & Squidge fine loose leaf tea Delivery: Mainland UK Delivery cost: £6

Marks and Spencer’s Ultimate Afternoon Tea Selection

M&S are a British institution for a reason - they’re reliable, and they won’t break the bank. Both things can be said for this afternoon tea, a sweet selection of cakes and bakes, paired with coffee and tea.

It’s all very familiar and comforting.

Contents: Victoria sandwich cake 410g, Viennese raspberry creams 125g, chocolate brownie mini bites 235g, strawberry and clotted cream sponge roll 245g, 4 cherry bakewell tarts 190g, scottish all butter shortbread fingers 210g, classic ground coffee 227g, 80 red label tea bags 250g. Delivery: Mainland UK Delivery cost: from £3.50

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