Argos announces new Playstation 5 restock - we cover stock drops as they’re announced, and how to buy

The games console has been nigh-on impossible to get hold of since it went on sale in October 2020. But now major retailers are announcing new stock drops - in time for Christmas 2021
Argos and Game announce new Playstation 5 restocks- the new stock drops as they’re announced, and how to buyArgos and Game announce new Playstation 5 restocks- the new stock drops as they’re announced, and how to buy
Argos and Game announce new Playstation 5 restocks- the new stock drops as they’re announced, and how to buy

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Update 10.00am 20/10/2021 Argos is once again selling the PlayStation 5.

A restock was put live at 9.30am. Local collection is available on orders.

Speaking about the latest PS5 restock, the @PS5StockAlertUK Twitter posted: “Remember, Argos offer consoles regionally, so keep trying till your area allows you to purchase for in-store collection.

“This tweet indicates orders in some areas have begun. Again, you may always try in-store walk-ins too. Good luck.”

Update 9.30am 30/09/2021: Argos has dropped the PS5 and PS5 digital edition on its website. The restock is happening region by region, so if you can not access the stock continue to refresh the page until stock is available locally.

Since its release in November 2020, the PlayStation 5 has been one of the most in demand games consoles in gaming history.

The console quickly sold out when Sony surprise announced pre-orders late last year, and sporadic stock drops were snapped up in record time; sometimes by real people, others by ‘bots’ who automatically make purchases on behalf of scalpers taking advantage of demand by reselling them at a marked up price.

But in the announcement of a pre-Christmas miracle, it has been reported (via PS 5 Stock UK) that Game will be re-stocking on September 30 2021, with both standard and Digital Editions due to become available, between the hours of 9AM to 11:30AM BST.

Available for pre-order, shoppers are promised their console will shop on October 11.

It’s expected that disc, digital and various bundles of PS5 consoles will be up for sale during this time.

This means you can purchase the console on its own or as a bundle with popular games like Spiderman: Mile Morales and FIFA 22.

We will be updating this article regularly to cover re-stocks and drops as they come to light.

Why has the PS5 been so hard to purchase?

“A technology war is being waged between people making bots to snatch highly desirable items like the PS5 and specialists trying to prevent them.

These bots, known as scalper bots, continuously monitor websites for products that are limited in stock.

The moment they become available, the bot has the user’s payment details ready to go, to secure the items within milliseconds, making it near impossible for a human to compete.

Many are then sold on with the intention of turning a profit via sites such as eBay, costing considerably more than their original price. The practice is not illegal, but while the issue is not new, it is gaining more awareness.

As long as there is increased demand for the consoles, there is likely to be bots snatching them up.”

There are currently PS5 available, in a bundle with the Red Controller, Headset, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales & Ratchet & Clank Bundle, via Currys - as of 14.12.2021

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