What’s in the Aldi and Lidl middle aisles on Sunday, August 28?

Skincare and beauty fridge is the newest trend to hit Aldi and Lidl middle aisles
What’s in the Aldi and Lidl middle aisles on Sunday, August 28?What’s in the Aldi and Lidl middle aisles on Sunday, August 28?
What’s in the Aldi and Lidl middle aisles on Sunday, August 28?

Aldi Specialbuys and the Middle of Lidl have become a crucial part of the British shopping experience.

From luxury chairs to everyday essentials, bargain-hunters across the country have found hidden gems throughout the mysterious middle aisle.

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Last year, Lidl’s Middle of Lidl sell-out shoe appeared online for more than four times its original price, whereas the popular hanging egg-chair sold out quicker than Glastonury tickets.

With offers constantly in rotation, it is always worth a look at what is featuring in Aldi and Lidl’s middle aisle this weekend.

Aldi Specialbuys

This sunday at Aldi, the store is offering popular skincare products and a beauty fridge to preserve your favourites.

Skincare and Beauty Fridge (Aldi)Skincare and Beauty Fridge (Aldi)
Skincare and Beauty Fridge (Aldi)

Ever since the skincare sector took off, it costs a pretty penny to get the right serum or SPF product for your routine. What’s even worse, these products are extremely prone to going bad, growing bacteria and spoiling if kept at the wrong temperature.

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The 4 Litre Skincare and Beauty Fridge - coming to Aldi’s middle aisle this sunday - will solve this problem and save you an immeasurable amount of money by keeping your beauty products fresh and pristine.

Monstera in Ceramic (Aldi)Monstera in Ceramic (Aldi)
Monstera in Ceramic (Aldi)

By now, the whole world knows the importance of plant therapy - walking into a house and being lifted by an assortment of well-groomed wildlife. For under £7.99, Aldi is offering The Green Monstera in Ceramic - the perfect plant to brighten up any room.

You can choose from grey, dark green and light green pots to match your decor.

Lacura-Miracle-Oil-Spray-100m (Aldi)Lacura-Miracle-Oil-Spray-100m (Aldi)
Lacura-Miracle-Oil-Spray-100m (Aldi)

This Lacura Miracle Oil Spray 100ml caused an uproar when it was discontinued earlier this year. Reviewers let it be known that they are “OBSESSED” with this oil and that this “miracle oil is just that… a miracle!” 

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This sunday, you’ll get a chance to grab the moisturising spray for just £3.99.

Lidl Middle Aisle 

Perhaps you want to spruce up your bathroom and household or can’t wait to escape and do a bit of DIY this weekend, a trip to the Middle of Lidl is on the cards for the whole family. From a luxury jet flosser to a cordless screwdriver, quality has never been so affordable.

Nevadent Water Jet Flosser (Lidl)Nevadent Water Jet Flosser (Lidl)
Nevadent Water Jet Flosser (Lidl)

In an era, defined by “Turkey teeth” and dental damage, why not take the easier, safer route? In Lidl, you can find the Nevadent Water Jet Flosser - the device that cleans where the toothbrush can’t.

The oral hygiene product features 4 jet tips all designed to target food residue - there is even a multi-jet setting to massage your gums.

Livarno Home Bamboo Storage BoxesLivarno Home Bamboo Storage Boxes
Livarno Home Bamboo Storage Boxes
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No matter the time, no matter the place - clutter is a problem that transgresses any standard living condition. We’ve all been there… tucking paperwork underneath the bed or into a forbidden cupboard.

At Lidl, organising has never been easier with these stylish and varied bamboo storage boxes, perfect for the bathroom or living room space. Grab the Livarno Home Bamboo Storage Boxes for £12.99.

Parkside Cordless ScrewdriverParkside Cordless Screwdriver
Parkside Cordless Screwdriver

Admittedly, this list has been a bit design focused - what if you want to really get into the foundations of the house? This Parkside Cordless Screwdriver is perfect for any DIY junki, featuring simple USB-C charging and a rotation speed of 200rpm.

Get it this sunday at Lidl for under £10.

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