Demand for human expertise on tech products is on the rise

A post-pandemic world calls for more human tech advisors

A post-pandemic world calls for more human tech advisors

Consumers are becoming increasing conscious of about how they're spending in an ever-changing Covid world.

A lack of real-life advisors is affecting the ability to work well online

Undoubtedly, the pandemic has created a heightened dependency on technology. A whopping 68% of people claim they are reliant on electronics. Furthermore, most say they use an average of 11 devices a day for up to eight hours.

According to Curry's, smart devices and security has seen exponential growth. This comes after many seek to simplify their homes using the click of a button.

Other tech, such as smart fridges, have seen a colossal uplift in the past year. This is due to how people eat more when working from home but look to spend less on big shops. Thus, technology is used to preserve food and reduce waste.

A range of tech products are heavily relied upon for work meetings

On the other hand, as innovation in the market increases so does consumption. Laptops, mobile phones and TVs have been crowned as most difficult to purchase without real-life expert support as latest research reveals the top 10 products shoppers seek to speak to humans about rather than AI Chatbots.

A brand-new retail report published by Currys shows that tech purchases are more complex than other purchases as more than half of people in the UK have bought incorrect tech at some point in the last year, and wasted up to £654 on tech that isn’t fit for purpose.

The research revealed that this is down to a mix of fake reviews, false endorsements, and complicated tech jargon and shoppers are demanding retailers focus on the human touch with just 3% of Brits believing brands should focus on automated chatbots and algorithms.

The top 10 products:

  1. Laptops
  2. Mobile phone
  3. TVs / Smart TVs
  4. Smart home tech / connected home (e.g. Google Nest, Smart Heating, Amazon Echo)
  5. Desktop computers
  6. Smart fitness / smart lifestyle tech
  7. Washing machine
  8. Home cinema systems
  9. Cameras
  10. Tablets

Director of stores at Currys, Michelle Gorringe-Smith said: ‘Tech products that make our lives easier have gone from invisible to visible in the last 2 years.

This is why we have spent nearly £25m in training our colleagues to establish our customers’ needs so they can find them  the right tech, whether that’s the best washing machine for a family or a fitness tracker for a marathon runner.’