Camden Town Brewery New Festive Beer

Cheers to 2021! Camden Town Brings Back End of Year Beer

It's that time of year again! The team here at Camden have been working on another end of year beer to celebrate the last twelve months of brewing.

Camden Town Brewery has announced the return of its end of year beer (photo: shutterstock)

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    It's safe to say we've had a busy one: we opened our new Beer Hall, made some pubjamas (yes, PJs you can wear to the pub) and 'accidentally' pasteurised a few of our precious Hells cans. Also, let's not forget the collab with our pals at Marmite.

    Every year, we commemorate the year in the best way we know how. This is by brewing a new limited edition beer that goes down a treat with our lager lovers.

    We love pushing the boundaries of what a lager can be. This is done by experimenting with various flavours and brewing styles until we can find the next creation.


    For the past five years, we've brewed an Imperial Pilsner style beer that's barrel aged for ultimate flavour. This year we've brought it back with a twist.

    Beer 2021- A great blend for all

    Introducing Beer 2021- an imperial, Pilsner brewed with fruity hops in a combination of wine and brandy barrels. This maximises the truly unique taste- intrigued?

    Camden Town Brewery has announced the return of its end of year beer

    We've chosen to age this celebratory beer in these barrels as they are renowned for rich apricot and almond flavours. This gives our never pasteurised beer sweetness and depth.

    Pair it with your favourite cheese. The stronger, the better, to balance out the unique flavours in the beer. Or if you've got more of a sweet tooth, pair it with your after-dinner treat for a sensational taste.


    Our Beer 2021 is available to buy in 500ml bottles with an ABV of 10%. This is perfect for drinking with friends and family. Desperate to get your hands on this year’s annual beer? Beer 2021 will be available in Waitrose stores nationwide as well as our Camden web shop for £8.50.

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