London weather: Met Office weather forecast for this weekend in the wake of Hurricane Ian

A full weather forecast for London as the UK prepares for some of the backlash of Hurricane Ian

One of the most powerful storms ever to strike the US mainland, Hurricane Ian continues to rage in South West Florida after arriving on September 28.

It has already left more than two million businesses and homes without power, and caused widespread flooding.

Gusts of wind have already exceeded 150mph, with the storm estimated to be around 140 miles wide.

It’s projected to pass through Tampa, Gainesville and Jacksonville before arriving just outside of Georgia on September 30.

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for London

Due to the sheer scale and ferocity of the storm, the UK may feel some of Hurricane Ian’s impact, such as 60mph winds and heavy rainfall. However, should the weather system arrive in the UK, it will no longer pose a threat as a hurricane.

Coastal areas may feel the brunt of the destructive winds and rain, with wind speeds in areas such as Bournemouth expected to peak at just shy of 50mph.

Deputy Chief Meteorologist at the Met Office, Chris Almond, said; “This will bring a much wetter and windier spell than we’ve seen so far this autumn, but nothing that is unusual for the time of year.

“The fast-moving system will bring strong gale force winds, locally in excess of 60mph, and heavy rain into the northwest before pushing quickly southeast through the day.

“We could see some minor impacts, such as surface water flooding or minor wind damage, as well as some short-lived impacts on ferry crossings, especially in exposed areas of western Scotland and eastern areas of Northern Ireland.

“Later in the day, parts of southeast England could experience winds of around 55mph, which may impact the English Channel too.”

But, will London feel anything from the fall out of Hurricane Ian?

Weather forecast for London September 30 - October 3

Friday, September 30 - The day starts off fine, and people of London will wake up to sunshine, but the weather will gradually deteriorate as the day moves on.

With clouds dominating the sky by 11am, the rain will arrive at 4pm. The Met Office says that the wind speed will remain until midnight, reverting back to clouds.

Max wind speed: 37mph

Saturday, 1 October - A slight improvement on the day before, with clouds interrupted by sunny clouds lasting most of the day.

Max wind speed: 28mph

Sunday, 2 October - People in the capital can expect a nice sunny afternoon, which will turn cloudy by the evening.

Max wind speed: 22mph

Monday, 3 October - Cloudy all day, but a very little chance of rain.

Max wind speed: 15mph