Heathrow emergency landing: Delta Air Lines Rome to New York flight diverts to London due to ‘engine issue’

A runway at Heathrow Airport closed when a flight made an emergency landing on Tursday (March 14).

A passenger aircraft touched down safely when forced to make an emergency landing at Heathrow on Tuesday morning (March 14).

Delta Air Lines flight DAL183 from Rome to New york was diverted to London due to an “engine issue”.

SkyScanWorld reported at shortly after 11am that the landing put Heathrow down to one runway briefly.

A Heathrow spokesperson confirmed that the Boeing 767-332(ER) touched down safely.

A spokesperson for Heathrow said at shortly after midday: “The aircraft safely landed and operations at Heathrow are normal.”

A spokesperson for Delta Air Lines said: “Delta flight 183 from Rome to New York diverted to London Heathrow International Airport on March 14 due to a reported engine issue.

“As nothing is more important than safety, the Delta flight crew followed established procedures to divert. We will reaccommodate customers to JFK and apologise for the delay in their travel plans.”