Letitia Wright: Black Panther star hopes to give ‘voice to the voiceless’ in new film Aisha

Letitia Wright will depict challenges faced by asylum seekers in Ireland in new film Aisha

Letitia Wright has revealed that she will portray the struggles asylum seekers in Ireland often face in new film Aisha.

The actress, 29, who lives in London, is currently on cinema screens in the highly anticipated sequel of Marvel’s Black Panther and is starring in upcoming film The Silent Twins, which will be released in the UK this December.

Alongside these roles, she has been busy working as the titular character in heartfelt new film Aisha, which follows a Nigerian woman whose future in Ireland is under threat after years in the Immigration system.

Letitia revealed that she prepared for the role by speaking to people who’ve faced similar challenges to her character.

Lupita Nyong’o, Letitia Wright, and Danai Gurira (Getty Images)

Letitia spent time talking to the real life case studies whose stories influenced the script and watched docuseries to gain a deeper understanding of Aisha.

She explained to Sky News that doing extensive research allows her to bring a “reality” to the role, while also being sensitive towards the topic.

Letitia said: “In a way when I represent any human being on screen I see it as truth.

"When we’re speaking to these women and we’re speaking to these young men and children who have gone through so much within the system, you realise that this story is pieced together from all their voices, but we just found a linear way to take you through that journey in the form of a film.

"But yeah, it does stay with you and it does allow you to see that your project is allowing you to give a voice to the voiceless and that’s really imperative for us on this journey.”

Writer and director Frank Berry, was inspired to make the film after discovering the same government department runs the Irish prison system and immigration system.

The drama has received a flood of positive reviews and has been highly rated by critics.

One Twitter user wrote: “An absolute gem of a film.  Such an insight into people living in direct provision.  It also sheds much light on those having to implement the system. #Aisha. #SkyIreland”

Another said: “Can confirm Josh O’Connors Irish accent in #Aisha is absolutely unquestionable. But for many more reasons I really encourage people to watch this film. It’s a true look into Ireland’s Direct provisions centres and the lack of humanity given to refugees In Ireland.”

Letitia Wright has three leading roles this year (Getty Images)

Despite Aisha being one of three leading roles this year, Letitia, who boasts over 2 million Instagram followers, admitted to Stylist that she still gets “nervous” about acting.

Letitia said: “You’re always nervous because you want people to receive it and accept your work. Art is subjective so people can either like it or not but you have to be willing to be comfortable with that.

“I always walk away knowing that I’ve done something that meant something to me.”

Aisha is available to watch in cinemas and on Sky Cinema from 17th November.