Alexandra Burke says raising baby is ‘tricky’ since boyfriend Darren Randolph changed football teams

Alexandra Burke sees boyfriend ‘twice a week’ since his transfer to Bournemouth

Alexandra Burke has revealed she’s adapting to raising her baby alone as her footballer boyfriend Darren Randolph is away most of the time.

The London-born singer, 34, only sees the goalkeeper, 35, roughly twice a week since he transferred from London-based team West Ham to Bournemouth in January.

The X-Factor winner currently lives in Hertfordshire with their eight-month-old baby, whose gender and name remains private.

Alexandra Burke and Darren Randolph (Getty Images)Alexandra Burke and Darren Randolph (Getty Images)
Alexandra Burke and Darren Randolph (Getty Images)

Alexandra told the MailOnline that she is learning to “adapt” but that Darren living and working two-hours away is really “tricky”.

The West End star said: “Whether it’s about children or your life in general, women just adapt. No shade to men, I think men are great… but women oh my God we make milk for crying out loud!

“My partner just moved away to Bournemouth bless him, so he isn’t really here. It makes things really tricky for me, but we make it work.”

She continued: “He comes home as and when he can which is roughly maybe twice a week at the most. I don’t like him driving too much, I sound like a bit of a mum, but I don’t like him driving when he’s training, and he’s exhausted.”

Alexandra revealed that she loves Bournemouth and said it would be worse if Darren had to be further than two hours away.

She added that living separately is only temporary and her focus is on supporting his career as he makes any decision.

Rumours began circulating last week that the pair had secretly wed, after Alexandrea referred to the goalkeeper as “hubby” on Instagram.

However, she confirmed that they use the terms ‘hubby’ and ‘wifey’ as nicknames, whilst adding that there is ‘no rush’.

She said: “We need to remind him to put a ring on it. It’s just a nickname but maybe I made a mistake calling him that.”