Park Royal A40: Neighbours claimed to see racers at site of fatal Range Rover crash with Tesla

Neighbours said racers have been spotted several times over recent weeks taking part in late night contests.

Neighbours living close to the site of the Park Royal A40 crash claimed to see racers near the site of a fatal crash, which saw a Range Rover left crumpled on the Tube tracks.

The collision on the A40, at Park Royal Underground Station, in Ealing, at 3.48am on Monday, August 22, saw a woman killed and a car end up on the Piccadilly Line Tube tracks.

Met Police officers have urged any witnesses to the crash in west London to come forward.

Paramedics and police attended, where they found a Range Rover and a Tesla had collided, and a 33-year-old woman, thought to be a passenger in the Range Rover, died at the scene.

A woman has died after a Range Rover and Tesla collided on the A40 near Park Royal Tube station in west London. Photo: Getty

The Range Rover had left the road and gone onto the railway line, officers said, while it is believed that the Tesla was stationary at the time.

A 23-year-old man, the Range Rover driver, has been taken to hospital in critical condition, and a fellow passenger, a 26-year-old woman, suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

A man, 56, thought to have been with the Tesla, also had non-life-threatening injuries.

Now neighbours who live near the scene have said racers have been spotted several times over recent weeks taking part in late night contests.

Residents of Baronet House, which overlooks the crash scene, said people race cars on the roundabout outside the block at night several times a week.

While they said they heard racing in the moments leading up to the accident, just before 4am on Monday morning.

Some residents said they have seen vehicles ‘drifting’ - where drivers intentionally oversteer so the car makes a controlled skid sideways, often causing smoke to come off the tyres.

The wreckage of the Range Rover left the road and ended up on the tube tracks. Photo: Getty

Police have not yet confirmed the circumstances leading up to the deadly crash.

But residents say they have complained about the noise to the authorities - including police and the council - but claim nothing has been done to solve the problem.

One man, who did not want to be named, said: ‘’I heard a thud that shook me awake. I thought it was just a one off sound.

‘’Five minutes later the sirens were outside and I heard sirens seven times.

‘’It is just frustrating because cars always race by. We only moved in at the start of July and they are here three times a week illegally, just around the roundabouts and drifting.’’

Simona, 33, who did not want to give her last name said: ‘’On Sunday evening cars were spinning around the roundabout and the brakes were squeaking.

‘’The racing happens near shisha lounges which this area is famous for, and because there are no speed bumps.

‘’This happens all the time. I didn’t hear anything on the night and I don’t know if these cars were involved in the crash but it is very annoying.’’

A Tesla car is loaded onto a truck at a Tesla garage after an incident at Park Royal tube station. Photo: Getty

One woman, who did not want to be named, added: ‘’They do it all night, there are always racing cars downstairs at weekends and sometimes in the week as well.

‘’Sometimes it starts early at around 9pm, but mostly it is from midnight onwards.

‘’Of course we are all angry about these people.

“It has been going on for at least two months.’’

Klevisa Hyka, 28, who also lives nearby, added: ‘’These complaints have been going on for a long time, including to the council.

“The council has not really done much.’’

Another resident added: ‘’Most of us were woken up just before 4am. I didn’t hear much of it.

‘’The racers are constantly running around these estates.

‘’You can hear them from miles away. They have car meet ups quite regularly.

‘’They don’t realise that people live here and that these developments have popped up quite recently.

‘’This kind of accident is expected because there is a whole culture around speed racing.

“Almost everyone here has complained.”

Any witnesses yet to speak with police are asked to call the Serious Collision Investigation Unit on 020 8543 5157.