New street name in Haringey formerly known as ‘Black Boy Lane’ vandalised hours after being unveiled

The road was renamed due to racist connotations but has been vandalised just hours after the newly erected street sign was unveiled.

A newly erected street sign on a renamed road in Haringey has been vandalised hours after it was first unveiled. The road was renamed La Rose Lane in honour of former Haringey resident, the poet and publisher John La Rose.

La Rose, who died in 2006 “was an influential figure in the struggle for social justice and recognition for Black authors, artists and thinkers. He played a key role in founding New Beacon Books in Stroud Green, and later the Caribbean Artists’ Movement.”

The road was previously named ‘Black Boy Lane’ and the decision to rename it was made after some residents raised concerns over its racist overtones.

A statement from Cllr Peray Ahmet, Leader of Haringey Council said “I am sad and disappointed that one of the La Rose Lane Street names has been vandalised within 24 hours of us marking such a historic moment.

“We had a memorable launch yesterday where we celebrated the life and legacy of John La Rose with his friends and family present to remember an iconic figure.

“La Rose Lane makes visible a political history few people will know about because it has been rendered invisible. A history of struggle & resistance which transformed this nation. When people see John’s name they will have the opportunity to discover and learn.

“I fully understand that this is a decision that has generated passionate responses and our Corporate Committee took those full range of views into consideration when deciding to change the name of the road.

“An act of mindless vandalism will simply not be tolerated in Haringey. Now is the time to move forward and come together to honour the legacy of John La Rose and the many other Black residents who have made such a huge contribution in the borough.”