Met Police dog Stanley dies suddenly whilst chasing down moped thieves

The German Shepard was described by the task force as “one of the very best police dogs who worked across London”.

A Met Police dog known as Stanley has died while on duty chasing down two moped thieves in London.

The six-year-old German Shepherd, whose full name was Xavier Charles, died in the early hours of Sunday morning (May 22).

He was described by the force as “one of the very best policedogs who worked across London”.

Met Police dog, known as Stanley, worked alongside his best friend, PD Stella, and his handler, PC Williams. (Credit: Met Police Taskforce Twitter)

Officers believe Stanley’s sudden collapse was due to a heart failure.

The Met Police Taskforce said, via Twitter: “Whilst this is still very raw, we have been asked to share this sad news to not only remember this wonderful, faithful and loyal friend but also to highlight the amazing work Stanley and his other K9 heroes do to keep us all safe.


“Rest easy Stan, you have left your mark on our world and you will live long in the memory of so many who had the pleasure to know you.”

Stanley worked as a general purpose and firearms support dog alongside his best friend, PD Stella, and his handler, PC Williams.

The K9 hero, who had a shorter than average career, was said to be a “larger than life character” who “loved to work” - and he was involved in over 280 convictions.

Essex Retired Police Dog Fund responded to the sad news, saying: “Our hearts go out to PC Williams. Police Dog Stan. Brave, Loyal  & Outstanding in every way. To the very end.”


In May 2019, Stanley made it to the national police dog trials.

The trials test a police dog’s obedience, agility and criminal work skills.