David Carrick: Former Met Police officer to be sentenced for string of sex offences

Reporting from Southwark Crown Court for the sentencing of former Met Police officer David Carrick for a string of sexual offences.

A former Metropolitan Police officer David Carrick who pleaded guilty to dozens of rapes and sexual offences over almost two decades is being sentenced today (Monday February 6).

Carrick, 48, confessed to the 49 charges, which included 24 counts of rape, against 12 women.

The offences took place from 2003 to 2020, mostly in Hertfordshire, where he lived.

Sentencing of former Met Police officer David Carrick

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Former Met Police officer David Carrick has been sentenced to 30 years and 239 days in prison for his “unrestrained campaign of rape and abuse of women”.

Warning: readers may find the content in this article distressing. Rape Crisis runs a 24-hour helpline every day of the year. You can call for free on 0808 500 222, or chat to someone online.

Alistair Williamson KC said Carrick “does not expect mercy.”

Alistair Williamson KC, from the defence said that Carrick “accepts responsibility” for his actions and “does not expect mercy.”

Mrs Justice Cheema-Grubb adjourned the court until tomorrow morning.

Carrick continues to stare at the floor

Throughout each of the 12 accounts and victim impact statements from the women he assaulted, Carrick spent the entire duration staring at the floor with a neutral subdued expression.

Victim said Carrick controlled every aspect of her life

Tom Little KC read out an account from Carrick’s final victim who said he “sought to exercise control over nearly every aspect of her life.”

The victim who met Carrick through a dating website said things between them “deteriorated very quickly” and a number of assaults were listed.

The prosecutor closed his opening statement by detailing a number of pornographic sites from Carrick’s internet search history.

Woman said Carrick became abusive when he drank alcohol

Another woman who also met Carrick on the Badoo dating website said he could be “funny and nice” but when he drank alcohol he changed and became abusive.

Carrick also made her clean his house and called her his “slave.”

On one occasion he asked her to take off her clothes and clean the house.

Tom Little KC listed a number of sexual assaults, which Carrick again claimed were consensual when interviewed about it.

Carrick asked woman to clean his house

Another one of Carrick’s victims he had met on the Badoo dating website said he asked her to clean for him.

Tom Little KC read how he would send her text messages while she was at work asking her to strip.

Details of a sexual assault were read out which Carrick claimed was consensual when interviewed in 2021.

Carrick shut victim in small cupboard under the stairs

The court hears of Carrick locking another woman in a small cupboard under the stairs.

He also threatened the victim with his police baton and sent her a photograph of his work issued firearm saying “remember I am the boss.”

Tom Little KC reads out a long list of sexual offences.

When interviewed Carrick said that all sense between him and the victim had been consensual.

Carrick controlled what victim ate and when she slept

Another woman who had met Carrick on Tinder reported him becoming “more and more aggressive in bed.”

Tom Little KC listed a number of non-consensual sexual acts.

Carrick started to control what she ate and when she slept.

The woman reported feeling suicidal after the incidents.

Victim said “she had never experienced aggression like that before”

Another victim had said that “she had never experienced aggression like that before” while Tom Little KC detailed her encounter.

She ran out of the house while Carrick went to the bathroom.

Another woman who met Carrick through Facebook, reported him asking her to send him naked photos.

Tom Little KC read that she “did not realise” she had been raped at the time but came forward after she heard other victims reports on the media.

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