Vernon Kay reveals reason behind huge back tattoo of New York Giants star Eli Manning’s face

Vernon Kaye revealed his huge back tattoo of the NFL superstar on The Eli Manning Show this weekend.

During an episode of the Eli Manning show, TV Presenter Vernon Kay has revealed a huge back tattoo of the host’s face much to everyone’s astonishment.

Manning, now retired, previously played quarterback for the New York Giants and presents the self-titled show on the American football team’s YouTube channel. With the  NFL’s International Series  coming to London this month, seeing the New York Giants facing off against the Green Bay Packers at the London Stadium on Sunday (October 9), Manning’s show also transferred to the capital

Broadcasting from the Horse and Guardsman pub, Manning invited Kaye onto the show thanks to the former model’s decades-long love of the game where he made his shocking revelation.

LIfting his shirt, he turned his back to the camera, displaying a portrait of a smiling Manning as gasps and guffaws game from the people watching behind the cameras. Eli Manning seemed to enjoy the surprise and told the Bolton-native: ‘I think it looks great. You’re lucky it’s a good looking guy back there.’

Why does Vernon Kay have a tattoo of Eli Manning’s face?

Kay admitted that he got the tattoo after he lost a wager with friends over who was going to win the Super Bowl in 2012 when the New York Giants faced off against the New England Patriots.

Vernon Kay said: ‘You were playing the quarterback who is the godfather of my children, Tom Brady. Big fan of Tom Brady. I said the Patriots would win and my best friend said that you guys would win. Obviously you guys won.’

Eli Manning played along and asked the British TV presenter: ‘How did that work out for you?’. Vernon responded by lifting up his shirt to expose Manning’s face, who responded, ‘Oh my God.’ and rubbed the tattoo to check it was real.